The coronavirus crisis is escalating. The moment for deliberations are over and its time for action. VOH appoints TASK FORCE to fight the COVID19 challenge. It comprises of 10 powerfully committed healthcare leaders with diverse domain expertise. By mobilizing our strengths, synergizing for quick answers and laying out implementable Action Maps that will help us rein in the virus and support Government’s initiatives.


Educate HEALTHCARE ESTABLISHMENTS & CENTRES in preventing coronavirus especially in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Sharing guidelines and best practices
Creating a DATA REPOSITORY for India and countries. Refine insights and document learnings as we go
Mitigating challenge of availability of MEDICAL CONSUMABLES by mobilising the supply side and ensure adequate flow of essential aid like MASK and SANITISER into the market for greater public access
Encouraging participation of private players in combatting the pandemic- pressing Govt. for adding PRIVATE LABS for testing and participation of hospitals in treating patients
Creating GUIDELINES (improvising the existing ones) for corporates and general public at large
To act as a BRIDGE between the government and healthcare service providers and other stakeholders associated with VOH
COLLABORATING with International Platforms



Yogiraj Ray

  • MD, DM (infectious disease)
  • Assistant professor
  • Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine.
  • Posted at ID&BG hospital for COVID care 

The main problem we are facing is of stigma associated with the disease. Like there are certain doctors and nurses who are afraid to serve the patients and visit the wards. This is leading to shortage of human resources. There is also absence of effective doctors and nurses. 

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