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Salus is Roman Godess for health, well being& prosperity for individuals and mankind Salus Healthcare Resources is an organization that has been created to add value to healthcare industry by offering value based talent management solutions.

The demand for high quality healthcare services is growing exponentially in this part of world. This has created a huge demand for highly skilled medical and life sciences professionals in healthcare and life sciences organizations. However there are not many organizations in this part of world that can cater highly specialized talent sourcing and development needs for the growing healthcare industry.  We aim to fill in this gap through our specialized service offerings and  understanding of complex organizational dynamics in healthcare and support sectors.

Whether an organization needs to recruit a specialist physician or a researcher or a manager or an allied healthcare professional, we have the ability to source the appropriate talent by matching the speciality, skill sets, experience, exposure and location.  We also offer high quality & cost effective talent planning and talent development solutions.

Our cost effective solutions focus exclusively on organizations in healthcare and life sciences sectors. Sector focus on healthcare and function focus on talent management solutions has helped us to develop highly specialized service offerings for our clients.

We offer comprehensive talent management solutions to healthcare and life sciences organizations across India. Our services offerings include:

a) Talent Sourcing and Executive Search: We offer executive search and talent sourcing solutions to healthcare organizations. Some of the key roles that we search for include Consultants, Medical Director, Nursing Director, Medical & Nursing Faculty, Medical Advisors, Medical Managers, Clinical Research Officers, CEO & COO.

b) Talent Management Services- We offer comprehensive talent management services including talent planning, compensation benchmarking, performance management, employee engagement solutions to healthcare organizations.

c) Talent Development – We partner with healthcare organizations in development of induction programs, grooming of people, training on service excellence standards and soft skills. We also help organizations to develop CME & CNE Programs for Medical and Nursing staff.