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When spirituality met science, it made an inspiring saga of a man whose dedication towards mankind motivated him to do something unique.Dr. MohsinWaliis the leading clinician innorthern India and is formally trained in Geriatrics, abranch of internal medicine, concerned with the clinical, preventive, remedial and social aspects of illness in elderly adults. Dr. Wali an exclusively prevailed Indian to have been trained for water treatment for dialysis in Germany during 1988,has revolutionized the technique of dialysis.An influential pillar of the sector, he is an MD Medicine and Fellow ofAmerican College of Cardiology and had undergone research and traning at Mayo clinic (USA).A Padma Shri Awardee, the doctor is an illustrious cardio-diabetes and life style specialist, senior Physician and consultant of Dr. Ram ManoharLohia Hospital and Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research New Delhi presently posted at RashtrapatiBhawan, As Physician to Honorable President of India. Dr (Prof) Wali aims at seeing happy and healthy India of tomorrow, now consultant at RashtrapatiBhawan. Professionally, proud to be called as Physician-internist who is ready to look after every challenging case, wholistically, Dr M Wali is a Philanthropist.

Born in 1953 at Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, his businessman father, Mr. M.S. Wali was a strict disciplinarian. Instilling the culture of working 24×7, he expected young Mohsin to be second to none in everything. “I remember scoring 100 marks in Mathematics for my half yearly examinations of Xth std. and receiving 99 marks in the annual examinations. I was scolded for losing that one mark as my fatheralways wanted to see my progress and not decline. This ultimately became my motto in life: to be the best in everything I do!” says the self-effacingmedical consultant, who always sees how much work is left to be completed, hence, never at rest.

Personifying the sayinglearners guide future in the times of change, Dr. Wali’s college life was full of numerous incidents when he astonished his professors with his passion for the subject. “I never believed in wasting my time. When my friends went to watch movies, I would be making notes. In those four hours, on each weekened my game plan was to read 20 extra pages of the book. Even during a strike at my college, I was the only student who would attend classes and was no doubt laughed at.My daily routine was to study till four a.m. in the morning, after evening classes and ward rounds and just waking up 10 minutes prior to the class for the next morning”, adds 61-year-old Dr. Wali. Besides this, he was always interested in commingling his theoretical knowledge with practical experience. He gained an edge over the others due to his keenness by first watching and later assisting surgeries,merelywhen he was in the third year of his undergraduate degree. A feat not many can boast of! This was Due to his keeninterest in surgery. That was the time as an when, exception he was housed as the only undergraduate in the Post Graduate hostel. At the endof MBBS he got the chancellors medal for the best medical graduate and for a rare distinction of having honours in ten out of ten subjects, and hence had the last laugh.

Having struggled even from childhood, when he was supposed to go to his father’s shop after coming back from school to assist him in day to day work and then come back in night to hav a bath and then dinner at family he had to complete his classwork and homework as those days in primary classes students were canned, he was mindful of hard work. When his tired father will ask him to switch off lights, he will study under bed guilt with a battery operated make-shift light and topped from class 2nd onwards.

Mastering the art of creating history, Dr. Wali is the first doctor of India who has the honour of being the doctor of three Presidents of the country. Apart from being the Personal Physician to India’s two past Presidents, President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma and President R. Venkataraman, he ensures the current President of the country, Dr. PranabMukherjee, remains healthy and hearty to steer India on a growth path. In addition, he has been appointed in past to serve the families of former President Dr. ZakirHussain and Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad till date.“You are always at an advantage while working with the first citizens of the country. I always learn something new whenever I met each oneof them. What you learn in 10 hours from a book, you will learn it just in 10 minutes through the company of a wise person”, states the gold medal winner for Indiafrom Cambridge and American Institute of Biography having also awarded Presidential seal of honour from A.B.I.(USA) .  For the 10,000-odd members of RashtrapatiBhavan, he is unarguable the best. His general routine involves sitting at The President’s Estate Clinic, a mini multispecialty centre that is situated right outside the oasis of RahstrapatiBhavan, where he is offering his services to needy and poor people also as always in the past.

Going back, It was in 1990that President Venkataraman appointed a 30-year old non-army man, Dr. MohsinWali, after he discarded one Brigadier and one consultants services and chose to appoint this young Physician on meritas his personal doctor. “It was a record-breaking moment in the history of medical fraternity in India as I was the youngest doctor to be given this sort of privilege”. After all, the post of the President’s physician is a personal appointment, armed with huge responsibility of catering to the health of the first citizen of India in the most well-equipped and efficient zero-error manner. “Right from making available round-the-clock services to the President, ensuring that I am available to the President within minutes in case of emergency, I travel with them constantly and yes, my work has no holidays,” quips the doctor with a smiling face. When asked about our President Pranab Mukherjee’s health secret, Dr. Wali unearths that “Mr. Mukherjee a very learned and disciplined person who is always active and absorbedan early riser, keen walker, is also an ardent follower of punctuality and regularity which helps him keep fit. He is also a source of motivation for others”.

Often lovably touted as the man with a midas healing touch, this Geriatric veteran can diagnose a patient simply by feeling their pulse and having a look at most of his patients with carefully taken history and examination. He says “investigations are to complement the diagnosis, not to make it”. He can produce the result of a haemogram test in just flat two minutes, a record breaking fleet that proves his mettle. “Detecting any other results takes nothing more than 10 minutes,” says Dr. Wali who hates making his patients wait for treatment. A doctor who believes in treating with speed and top-notch accuracy, he delivers test result at home, along with doorstep supply of medicines in RashtrapatiBhavan even after office hours.

Altering the medical realm, he became the face which brought the concept of water treatment in dialysis to the Indian operating centers. He has been the catalyst for change by introducing Geriatric medicine in India through the faculty of Geriatric medicine, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, USA. Inspiring reverence in the industry, this physician of national repute has been awarded the proestigeous fellowship of American College of Cardiology (USA) for his work in preventive cardiology. The doctor has received another fellowship in Geriatrics through Ministry of Health and Family Welfare by World Health Organization. Besides the above accolades, Dr. Wali has proved his critics wrong by being successful in being accoladed SAARC award for outstanding clinical contribution in low cost cardiac care for poor and less prevelleged through International academy of clinical and applied thrombo- homeostasis. Recently he has been inducted a fellow at Royal College of Physicians and surgeons, Glassgow. A good samaritan at heart and in practice, Dr. Wali’s extraordinary accomplishments have felicitated him with the Rajiv Gandhi global Excellence Award for Medicine (2010 and 2014) Lifetime Achievement Award by Indian Economic Institute and many more like Indian Red Cross presidential Medal and most covetted Best Alumnus of GSVM Medical College, an award from his Alimony and Peers, a token of love from his teachers conferred on him by the hands of President of India (2013). This is not all! He has a sizeable member of gold and silver medals, book citations, chapters in text books and national and international journals of repute.

Based on this holistic approach, The Government of India selected him a Member of Governing body of central council of research in Unani medicine and he completed his research at JamiaHamdard for successful herbal preparations for angiogenesis for coronary artery disease and herbs in diabetes. Both products are being used with great success in large number of patients across the world.

Dr. Wali has always looked up to his mother, Mrs. Alia, who epitomized patience. In the backdrop of being childless for the formative eight years of her married life, she believed that when armed with patience, she can win any battle seamlessly. No wonder, her son was never detained from his path in fear of hardships, beyond imagination.

A strong proponent of the art of healing with spirituality, it wouldn’t be farfetched to bestow him with a title of being a medical humanitarian par excellence on the footsteps of Dr. B.C. Roy.  It is a part of his daily routine to visit NizamuddinDargah, mosque of one of the world’s most famous Sufi saints, in New Delhi without fail. He is a god fearing man who religiously observes namaaz, five times in a day. Dr. Wali is of an opinion that medical science follows the terrain of spiritualism. “If a person is pure, happy, content, has right intentions and good character, the chances of cure are 1,000 times more than the person who is otherwise”, enlightens the benevolent doctor who also runs a charitable unit in the evening, through his blessed daughter in law doing great work for thepreventation of hypertension and stroke.

Basically Vegetarian though A roghan josh and shamikabab lover, Dr. Wali advocates healthy lifestyle that encourages people to eat everything healthy but in moderate quantity. A badminton and squash enthusiast who loves to shed extra calories by swimming and hitting gym, he walks the talks of being fit and simultaneously convinces others with his example. With a strong commitment towards altruism, he advises the young brains of the industry to operate their perfect destiny with the scalpel of hard work and honesty and looking for the best in others. “To be among the game-changing fraternity, invest in time with 30-40 years of benevolent initiatives and people will remember you as an achiever at the end of race. Have faith in god and keep introspecting yourself before you commit as the answers will always emerge from within you”, states the self-auditor, while sipping his third green tea cup of the day.

Zooming on his personal side, Dr. Wali is a committed family man who always manages to strike beautiful chords of balance between his professional commitments and personal promises. A staunch believer in the phrase that ‘a family’s sacrifice makes a man’, he humbly owes most of his successes to his wife Naaz who bridges the gap between him and his family. An ace fashion designer and a hafiza who memorised the whose Quran by heart at the tender age of 16, my wife resonates the colours of India with her fashion brand, ‘Naaz’, where she designs vintage Indian and contemporary fusion clothes for men and women alike. The power-packed couple is blessed with four children; namely, Ammar Khan (married to Nabeela Khan who is a doctor), Sana Khan (English TV anchor), Aamir Khan (Lawyer with green tribunal) and Asif Khan (A budding lawyer). His self-independent children have chartered their own destiny by successfully foraying into the field of Planning and Steering, TV journalism, Law and Gaming, respectively. Dr. Wali serves his parents thus invokes their blessing every day and thus says that he is fortunate to have his parents alive and so long healthy, next to him always.

Thus Padma Shri Awardee, Dr M Wali is a name that resonates in one’s mind when one thinks of an ideal man with a humble attitude and tremendous experience and accolades in the field of medicine with philanthropic attitude and live-to-serve.

A doctor with empathy, Dr. Wali is prioritizing humanity at large,thus putting him in the legendary league of those doctors who are God-sent angels for their patients, by always remaining down to earth and open to correction and learning. He lives in an ego-free environment. “Have faith in God, do your best and the world will belong to you, is his philosophy of sailing through this world with fast changing value system.

To the future generation his two suggestions are hardwork and honest career. There are no short-cuts to success. Hard work never goes waste.