Bharat COVID-19 shot 50% effective at height of India infections - small study

By: Reuters - 25/11/2021

Bharat COVID-19 shot 50% effective at height of India infections - small study

Bharat Biotech's vaccine was only 50% effective at preventing symptomatic COVID-19 in a high-risk population during a devastating second wave of infections in India this year, data gleaned from hospital workers showed.

The real world study for Covaxin, conducted April 15-May 15, compares with a 77.8% effectiveness rate in a late-stage trial of more than 25,000 participants that was conducted November 2020 to January 2021.

The new data analysed just over 1,000 COVID-19 cases with a test-negative control case group, matching by age and gender, according to the study which was published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

The much lower effectiveness rate for the two-dose shot seen in the new study can possibly be attributed to the fact that the study was restricted to hospital employees who had a higher risk of being infected than the general population, that it was conducted during a surge in infections and also to the prevalence of the Delta variant at the time, the study concluded.

Covaxin, which Bharat Biotech co-developed with an Indian research body, received emergency-use authorisation in India in January even before the completion of the late-stage trial.

It is the only homegrown vaccine being used in India's vaccination programme, although it accounts for only about 11% of the 1.18 billion doses administered so far.

Covaxin has also been approved in countries such as Vietnam and Brazil. Bharat Biotech's U.S. partner, Ocugen (OCGN.O), has submitted a request to the U.S. FDA for emergency use approval.

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Mix-and-match vaccines highly effective

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Centre trashes Hunger Index, says survey

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Merck COVID-19 pill sparks calls for acc

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25 lakh ZyCoV-D doses every month for pr

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Merck asks US FDA to authorize promising

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Drugs for treating diabetes, obesity &am

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Brain cell differences could be key to l

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Govt allows export of Russian COVID vacc

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Pandemic triggered 35% rise in anxiety,

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Active COVID-19 cases in country lowest

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Bharat Biotech submits clinical trial da

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One in seven patients globally missed ca

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Plasma therapy ‘futile’ as t

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WHO still reviewing Sputnik V vaccine, a

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WHO to take final decision next week on

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Duo win Nobel for unravelling science of

By: NYT-06/10/2021

Cadila Healthcare gets DCGI nod to condu

By: PTI-06/10/2021

Seventy per cent of India’s adult

By: PTI-05/10/2021

341 dengue cases in Delhi; 217 in Septem

By: PTI-05/10/2021

Blood thinners significantly reduce COVI

By: PTI-05/102021

EU regulator OKs Pfizer vaccine booster

By: Associated Press-05/10/2021

Active COVID-19 cases in country lowest

By: PTI-04/10/2021

Russia sees no hurdles for WHO approval

By: Reuters-04/10/2021

Zydus Cadila proposes Rs 1,900 for three

By: PTI-04/10/2021

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu urges pr

By: PTI-04/10/2021

Amid COVID-19 booster data dilemma, EU n

By: Reuters-04/10/2021

New tool predicts changes that may make

By: PTI-01/10/2021

69 pc of India’s adult population

By: PTI-01/10/2021

ZyCoV-D to be introduced in Covid vaccin

By: PTI-01/10/2021

India, US need to work jointly in reform

By: PTI-30/09/2021

MSD rolls out India’s first gender

By: TNN-30/09/2021

EU extends vaccine export control mechan

By: Reuters-30/09/2021

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows 74% e

By: Reuters-30/09/2021

Mirum's oral drug becomes first U.S. app

By: Reuters-30/09/2021

COVID-19 pill developers aim to top Merc

By: Reuters-29/09/2021

U.S. FDA approves AbbVie's migraine prev

By: Reuters-29/09/2021

New Zealand COVID cases jump as its batt

By: Reuters-29/09/2021

Smoking may increase risk of COVID-19 se

By: PTI-29/09/2021

Pfizer vaccine for kids may not be avail

By: Associated Press-29/09/2021

SC puts government on notice, says &lsqu

By: TNN-28/09/2021

AIIMS to have Satellite Brain Bank to bo

By: TNN-28/09/2021

Japan to end COVID-19 state of emergency

By: Reuters-28/09/2021

Over 84.50 crore Covid vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-28/09/2021

India first to develop DNA vaccine, can

By: PTI-27/09/2021

AstraZeneca Pharma India gets DCGI nod t

By: PTI-27/09/2021

At 2L, India logs lowest weekly cases in

By: TNN-27/09/2021

Childhood cancers 7.9% of all cancers in

By: IANS-27/09/2021

WHO seeks to revive stalled inquiry into

By: Reuters-27/09/2021

India tells Quad will allow export of 8

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Scientists call for global targets to be

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India’s COVID-19 vaccination figur

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Children less severely impacted by COVID

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U.S. CDC advisers back COVID-19 booster

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No evidence of any new variant of SARS-C

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Novavax, SII apply to WHO for emergency

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Talks on to make Zydus Cadila’s CO

By: PTI-24/09/2021

Centre health services will be taken to

By: TNN-23/09/2021

Tiny antibodies from llamas can potentia

By: PTI-23/09/2021

WHO reports global decline in new COVID-

By: Associated Press-23/09/2021

With domestic manufacturing picking up p

By: PTI-23/09/2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Centre files plea agai

By: PTI-23/09/2021

India set to get first J&J Covid

By: Reuters-22/09/2021

Antibodies from original Covid virus str

By: PTI-22/09/2021

Nurse to doctor ratio in India estimated

By: PTI-22/09/2021

UK begins trial of multivariant COVID-19

By: PTI-22/09/2021

Covid origins probe: The Lancet does U-t

By: IANS-21/09/2021

India to resume export of surplus COVID-

By: PTI-21/09/2021

Pfizer, BioNTech say trials find COVID v

By: PTI-21/09/2021

India’s cumulative Covid-19 vaccin

By: PTI-21/09/2021

No need for Covid booster doses in India

By: PTI-20/09/2021

Rice with zinc, wheat with protein to fi

By: TNN-20/09/2021

95 children, adolescents among 623 new C

By: PTI-20/09/2021

WHO Experts’ Group to take a call

By: PTI-20/09/2021

Covid-19: Five recovered patients at Gan

By: FE Online-18/09/2021

Biocon Biologics-SILS alliance to help i

By: PTI-18/09/2021

Delhi hospitals see rise in number of se

By: PTI-18/09/2021

While urging vaccination, WHO declines j

By: PTI-18/09/2021

ICMR study highlights issues faced by he

By: PTI-17/09/2021

Novel coronavirus may infect a higher pr

By: PTI-17/09/2021

US OKs new use for Eli Lilly’s COV

By: Associated Press-17/09/2021

No Delta plus variant of COVID-19 found

By: PTI-17/09/2021

Indonesia in talks with WHO to become gl

By: Reuters-16/09/2021

Glenmark concludes study on COVID drug F

By: PTI-16/09/2021

Mu, C.1.2 variants of SARS-CoV2 not foun

By: PTI-16/09/2021

Russia’s COVID-19 single dose vacc

By: PTI-16/09/2021

UK expert panel recommends COVID booster

By: PTI-15/09/2021

Genome sequencing lab to be set up in An

By: TNN-15/09/2021

Big drop in COVID antibodies within four

By: Reuters-15/09/2021

India world’s biggest Covid misinf

By: TNN-15/09/2021

Nipah suspected in patient in Mangaluru,

By: PTI-15/09/2021

Novavax expects to make available at lea

By: Reuters-13/09/2021

Experts highlight benefits of natural an

By: PTI-13/09/2021

Health ministry, ICMR have issued guidel

By: PTI-13/09/2021

Over 74 crore Covid-19 vaccine jabs admi

By: PTI-13/09/2021

Reusable cloth masks may be effective up

By: PTI-11/09/2021

CoWIN launches new API: KYC-VS — K

By: PTI-11/09/2021

Nearly 73 crore vaccine doses administer

By: PTI-11/09/2021

COVID-19 vaccines hold strong against De

By: Reuters-11/09/2021

Novavax expects to make available at lea

By: Reuters-11/09/2021

G20 health ministers agree on vaccine co

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Percentage of Delta variant found in Del

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Centre places purchase order with SII fo

By: PTI-10/09/2021

47 medical oxygen plants with 57 MT capa

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Govt develops COVID-19 vaccine tracker t

By: PTI-10/09/2021

Molbio Diagnostics gets DCGI nod for Nip

By: PTI-09/09/2021

Cumulative number of COVID-19 vaccine do

By: PTI-09/09/2021

WHO chief urges halt to booster shots fo

By: PTI-09/09/2021

AIIMS to conduct study to ascertain pres

By: PTI-08/09/22021

India’s strong, decisive decisions

By: PTI-08/09/22021

30 test negative for Nipah so far: Keral

By: PTI-08/09/22021

Dr Reddy’s starts supply of Sputni

By: PTI-08/09/22021

Will focus on dealing with pandemic here

By: PTI-07/09/2021

Hetero’s Tocilizumab biosimilar ge

By: PTI-07/09/2021

The spike in the cases has left the Brih

By: PTI-07/09/2021

In just 6 days of Sept, Mumbai logs over

By: PTI-07/09/2021

For 3rd time in 11 days, India’s d

By: PTI-07/09/2021

Over 66.07 crore Covid vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-06/09/2021

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu calls fo

By: PTI-06/09/2021

COVID-19: 30 new cases, zero death in De

By: PTI-06/09/2021

Israel to present COVID-19 booster shot

By: Reuters-06/09/2021

Guj HC: Depression can be classified as

By: PTI-04/09/2021

Moderna seeks EU authorization for COVID

By: Reuters Staff-04/09/2021

After dropping below one, Covid R-value

By: PTI-04/09/2021

DCGI nod to phase-I clinical trial of CO

By: PTI-04/09/2021

India reports 45,352 new COVID-19 infect

By: Reuters-03/09/2021

Granules India gets licence from DRDO to

By: PTI-03/09/2021

Moderna, Japan partner recall 1.6 millio

By: Associated Press-03/09/2021

Over half of India’s adult populat

By: PTI-03/09/2021

India will start exporting Covid vaccine

By: PTI-03/09/2021

Intranasal Covid vaccine phase II trial

By: PTI-02/09/2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines wouldn’t

By: PTI-02/09/2021

Cumulative Covid vaccine doses administe

By: PTI-02/09/2021

WHO leader opposes ‘widespread&rsq

By: PTI-02/09/2021

Over 64.36 cr Covid vaccine doses provid

By: PTI-01/09/2021

Monoclonal antibody treatment combo cuts

By: PTI-01/09/2021

Himachal Pradesh achieves distinction of

By: PTI-01/09/2021

Out of 65 crore Covid vaccine doses give

By: PTI-01/09/2021

WHO European head backs 3rd vaccine dose

By: Associated Press-31 Aug, 2021

Covid third wave could peak between Oct-

By: PTI-31 Aug, 2021

New Covid variant, C.1.2, may be more in

By: PTI-31 Aug, 2021

Japan's Moderna vaccine contamination wo

By: Rocky Swift-31 Aug, 2021

U.S. vaccine advisers unanimously favor

By: Manas Mishra, Julie Steenhuysen-31 Aug, 2021

Singapore fully vaccinates 80% of popula

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2021

Foxconn founder asks BioNTech to reserve

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2021

First commercial batch of Covaxin releas

By: PTI-30 Aug, 2021

Maharashtra health survey: Prime focus o

By: PTI-30 Aug, 2021

Rise in COVID-19 cases: Plan on tests re

By: PTI-30 Aug, 2021

Uneven COVID-19 vaccine distribution may


Half of hospitalised Covid patients have

By: PTI-28 Aug, 2021

Over 4.05 cr Covid vaccine doses still a

By: PTI-28 Aug, 2021

43% of ICUs & 75% of ventilators in

By: PTI-28 Aug, 2021

India gifts medical oxygen plant to Nepa

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

SII informs Centre it will supply around

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

Increase in viral infection cases in Del

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

Kerala records over 30k COVID cases for

By: PTI-27 Aug, 2021

NTAGI to soon chalk out roadmap to intro

By: PTI-26 Aug, 2021

Moderna withholds 1.63 million COVID-19

By: Reuters-26 Aug, 2021

Taiwan to get BioNTech shots early as Ch

By: Reuters-26 Aug, 2021

Study says COVID riskier for heart than

By: Associated Press-26 Aug, 2021

Over 60 crore Covid vaccine doses admini

By: PTI-26 Aug, 2021

Kerala sees 10,402 new COVID-19 cases, T

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Covid antibody that protects against bro

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Over 57 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Covid third wave: Paediatric beds to be

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2021

Using artificial intelligence for early

By: Technische Universitšt Dresden-23 Aug, 2021

UK to begin offering COVID antibody test

By: Reuters-23 Aug, 2021

Taiwan's president leads way in first do

By: Reuters-23 Aug, 2021

721 children in child care institutions

By: PTI-23 Aug, 2021

Delhi reports 24 COVID-19 cases, positiv

By: PTI-23 Aug, 2021

U.S. FDA aims to give full approval to P

By: Reuters-21 Aug, 2021

Covid vaccination for kids may start onl

By: TNN-21 Aug, 2021

Johnson & Johnson files applicat

By: PTI-21 Aug, 2021

Delhi govts medical Oxygen production pr

By: PTI-21 Aug, 2021

Zydus Cadila Covid-19 vaccine ZyCoV-D ge

By: Reuters-21 Aug, 2021

Pregnant women donot experience more sev

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

Andhra Pradesh moves closer to two milli

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

Covid ebbing as R-value drops to below 1

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

Over 50-cr samples tested for COVID-19 i

By: PTI-20 Aug, 2021

First Made in India 3-D printed heart va

By: IANS-19 Aug, 2021

Northeast cancer capital of India with h

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

COVID R-value drops to below 1 in countr

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

Ayushman Bharat ensures both poor, well-

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

Vaccine nationalism could lead to increa

By: PTI-19 Aug, 2021

Pfizer submits data for third dose appro

By: AFP-18 Aug, 2021

Nasal Covaxin phase II & III tri

By: TNN-18 Aug, 2021

Blood clotting may be root cause of long

By: PTI-18 Aug, 2021

Benefits of Covid vaccines far outweigh

By: PTI-18 Aug, 2021

Higher risk of Bell's Palsy after Sinova

By: Reuters Staff-17 Aug, 2021

India to recalibrate air quality standar

By: Vishwa Mohan | TNN-17 Aug, 2021

Govt puts curbs on export of Covid-19 ra

By: PTI-17 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: Three strains of Delta-plus no

By: Sumitra Debroy | TNN-17 Aug, 2021

Japan to extend COVID-19 state of emerge

By: Reuters-16 Aug, 2021

New biomarkers may detect early eye chan

By: ANI-16 Aug, 2021

COVID-19 third wave unpredictable: AIIMS

By: PTI-16 Aug, 2021

India has done better than any country a

By: PTI-16 Aug, 2021

Bharat Biotech Covid nasal vaccine gets

By: PTI-14 Aug, 2021

Cumulative Covid vaccine doses cross 53

By: PTI-14 Aug, 2021

E-health card for all Delhiites: Cloud-b

By: TNN-14 Aug, 2021

Delta plus not as transmissible as Delta

By: TNN-14 Aug, 2021

COVID-19: Pfizer, Moderna seen reaping b

By: Reuters-14 Aug, 2021

Clotting linked with COVID-19 vaccine ve

By: PTI-13 Aug, 2021

U.S. shipping more than 560,000 COVID va

By: Reuters-13 Aug, 2021

Over 54.04 crore Covid vaccine doses pro

By: PTI-13 Aug, 2021

Extra COVID vaccine OK for those with we

By: FE Online-13 Aug, 2021

Potential role of junk DNA sequence in a

By: Washington State University-11 Aug, 2021

Eating more plant foods may lower heart

By: American Heart Association-11 Aug, 2021

Antibody levels predictive of Moderna's

By: Reuters Staff-11 Aug, 2021

COVID-19: Delta Plus variant detected in

By: PTI-11 Aug, 2021

Cumulative COVID-19 vaccine doses nearly

By: PTI-11 Aug, 2021

Inovio focused on launching global COVID

By: Reuters-10 Aug, 2021

Zydus Cadila likely to get emergency use

By: ANI-10 Aug, 2021

India posts 26k Covid-19 cases, lowest s

By: TNN-10 Aug, 2021

Doctors to visit every house to screen p

By: PTI-10 Aug, 2021

Vaccination of pregnant, lactating women

By: FE Online-10 Aug, 2021

Israeli survey finds 3rd Pfizer vaccine

By: Reuters-09 Aug, 2021

45 PSA oxygen plants commissioned in gov

By: PTI-09 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: Beyond Delta, scientists are w

By: Reuters-09 Aug, 2021

India sees 4% dip in weekly cases as tal

By: TNN-09 Aug, 2021

Fuelled by Delta variant, US COVID-19 ca

By: ANI-09 Aug, 2021

India’s Covid R-naught tops 1 agai

By: TNN-07 Aug, 2021

COVID SCIENCE: Heart attack, stroke risk

By: Reuters-07 Aug, 2021

SARS-CoV-2 antibodies remain stable or i

By: PTI-07 Aug, 2021

Hopeful of launching Covovax for adults

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: India’s cumulative vacci

By: PTI-07 Aug, 2021

Preparing for worst-case scenario, setti

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2021

Covid-19: India in talks with various co

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2021

Novavax seeks OK for COVID vaccine in ne

By: FE Online-06 Aug, 2021

English study finds 50-60% reduced risk

By: Reuters-04 Aug, 2021

No vaccination at civic, govt centres in

By: PTI-04 Aug, 2021

Ministry of S&T allocated over R

By: PTI-04 Aug, 2021

4 more Indian pharma firms expected to s

By: PTI-04 Aug, 2021

Coronavirus did leak from China’s

By: Reuters-03 Aug, 2021

Abbott Labs to pay 160 million USD over

By: Reuters-03 Aug, 2021

Bharat Biotech's Covaxin effective again

By: PTI-03 Aug, 2021

13 states see weekly Covid cases rise

By: TNN-03 Aug, 2021

Pfizer and Moderna raise prices for COVI

By: Reuters-02 Aug, 2021

India’s 7-day avg of Covid cases c

By: TNN-02 Aug, 2021

Sputnik V vaccine production in India to

By: ANI-02 Aug, 2021

5 Percent of Covaxin royalty to ICMR rai

By: TNN-02 Aug, 2021

For every single COVID-19 case reported

By: PTI-02 Aug, 2021

Hard-won gains at risk as Delta variant

By: Reuters-31 July, 2021

New COVID-19 infections rise in Tamil Na

By: PTI-31 July, 2021

Trajectory of Covid cases registering su

By: PTI-31 July, 2021

Baseless, misleading: AYUSH Ministry on

By: PTI-30 July, 2021

Japan to widen virus emergency after rec

By: Associated Press-30 July, 2021

India received help from 52 countries du

By: PTI-30 July, 2021

COVID-19: Active cases register increase

By: PTI-30 July, 2021

97,79,440 Covid vaccine doses administer

By: PTI-29 July, 2021

Emergent to resume J&J COVID-19

By: Reuters-29 July, 2021

China reports 49 new COVID-19 cases amid

By: Reuters-29 July, 2021

Over 2.18 cr balance, unutilised COVID-1

By: PTI-29 July, 2021

Govt asks states/UTs to conduct state-sp

By: PTI-29 July, 2021

There are cases of people who have been

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

India adds 43,645 COVID-19 cases, 640 de

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

Made in India Sputnik V to be available

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

INSACOG sequenced over 57,000 SARS-CoV-2

By: PTI-28 July, 2021

Early antiviral response in nose may det

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

India generated 56K tonnes of Covid bio-

By: TNN-27 July, 2021

Sun Pharma, Cassiopea SpA ink license &a

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

DRDO COVID-19 drug: BDR Pharma inks lice

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

Brazil scraps Covaxin emergency-use appl

By: PTI-27 July, 2021

Longer gap in Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vacc

By: PTI-26 July, 2021

67.6 Percent population above 6 yrs fou

By: PTI-26 July, 2021

India logs 39,742 new Covid-19 cases

By: ETHealthWorld-26 July, 2021

Covid-19: Cases of Kappa variant of coro

By: PTI-26 July, 2021

Over 3.29 crore unutilised vaccine doses

By: PTI-25 July, 2021

Approval given to use Coronil as support

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Medical oxygen demand peaked to nearly 9

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Bharat Biotech terminates MoU with Brazi

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Cumulative Covid vaccine doses administe

By: PTI-24 July, 2021

Feel good brain messenger can be willful

By: University of California - San Diego-24 July, 2021

Serum Institute writes to Union Health M

By: PTI-22 July, 2021

EU begins real-time review of Sanofi-GSK

By: Reuters-22 July, 2021

European Medicines Agency grants Orphan

By: PTI-22 July, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination: Over 41.76 crore v

By: PTI-22 July, 2021

No sign of Pfizer, Moderna Covid vaccine

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

State to step up TB screening amid Cov p

By: TNN-21 July, 2021

No shortage of Covid vaccines, no delay

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

67.6 pc people have COVID antibodies but

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

4 Covid vaccine candidates in human tria

By: PTI-21 July, 2021

Bharat Biotech dossier under review for

By: ANI-20 July, 2021

Azithromycin no more effective against C

By: PTI-20 July, 2021

Hospitals have become large industries,

By: ANI-20 July, 2021

Costs of raw material for drugs rise by

By: TNN-20 July, 2021

UCL finds over 200 symptoms of long COVI

By: PTI-19 July, 2021

Delta variant infected even vaccinated p

By: IANS-19 July, 2021

Neuroprosthesis restores words to man wi

By: University of California San Francisco-19 July, 2021

Joint pain, backache common among many p

By: PTI-19 July, 2021

Over 41.99 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses

By: PTI-19 July, 2021

Centre buying Covishield at 215, Covaxin

By: TNN-17 July, 2021

Mucormycosis recurrence in frontal sinus

By: TNN-17 July, 2021

47 districts reported over 10 pc COVID-1

By: PTI-17 July, 2021

2 vaccine doses given to police personne

By: PTI-17 July, 2021

Alcohol drinking linked to over 62,000 n

By: PTI-16 July, 2021

Insurers to offer add-on cover for at-ho

By: TNN-16 July, 2021

Centre asks states to analyse infrastruc

By: PTI-16 July, 2021

India has highest number of unvaccinated

By: PTI-16 July, 2021

WHO chief says it was premature to rule

By: Associated Press-16 July, 2021

Delhi HC warns for wilful non-compliance

By: PTI-15 July, 2021

Single Dose of the Sputnik V vaccine may

By: PTI-15 July, 2021

Covid-19 Variants AY.1 nor AY.2 is likel

By: PTI-15 July, 2021

Dispiriting setback: COVID deaths, cases

By: Associated Press-15 July, 2021

Unable to send Covid vaccines as India n

By: PTI-14 July, 2021

Covid-19: Serum to start making Sputnik

By: FE Bureau-14 July, 2021

Fortis Healthcare aims to focus on reven

By: PTI-14 July, 2021

Mansukh Mandaviya inaugurates two PSA ox

By: ETHealthWorld-14 July, 2021

Decision on emergency use listing of Cov

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

ICMR to conduct clinical trial for evalu

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

Delta Plus found in 90 Percent of Tripur

By: TNN-12 July, 2021

Over 1.44 crore unutilised COVID-19 vacc

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

COVID-19: Northeast, Kerala regions of c

By: PTI-12 July, 2021

Central team of experts dispatched to Ke

By: PTI-10 July, 2021

Working actively with Moderna to see how

By: PTI-10 July, 2021

ICMR to conduct clinical trial for evalu

By: PTI-10 July, 2021

MBBS interns will have to take Ayush tra

By: TNN-10 July, 2021

Mankind Pharma gets DRDO nod to manufact

By: PTI-09 July, 2021

Over 1.58 lakh vaccine doses administere

By: PTI-09 July, 2021

In 1st meet, revamped Cabinet approves R

By: PTI-09 July, 2021

Cases of Lambda COVID-19 variant found i

By: Associated Press-09 July, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines cut Covid-19 ri

By: PTI-07 July, 2021

Starch sold as MM medicine

By: TNN-08 July, 2021

Delta dominant variant in US, makes up m

By: PTI-08 July, 2021

India expects first foreign-made Covid-1

By: Reuters-08 July, 2021

Global COVID-19 deaths hit 4 million ami

By: PTI-08 July, 2021

Covid-19: Now, steroids-linked bone tiss

By: TNN-07 July, 2021

Sputnik will soon be offered at govt vac

By: TNN-07 July, 2021

India - COVID death rate hit record in J

By: Reuters-07 July, 2021

Morepen Labs starts production of test b

By: PTI-07 July, 2021

Recent evidence points to natural origin

By: PTI-07 July, 2021

Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to p

By: Stanford Medicine-06 July 2021

ICMR-NICED proposes research on oral COV

By: PTI-06 July 2021

India-Covid vax coverage crosses 35 Cr-m

By: IANS-06 July 2021

Indian scientists working on developing

By: PTI-06 July 2021

India offering CoWIN to world as tech to

By: PTI-06 July 2021

Cadila Healthcare arm recalls 21,240 bot

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Centre sanctions funds from PMCares for

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Air pollution during pregnancy may affec

By: University of the Basque Country-05 July 2021

Covid recovered with one/two doses of va

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Both doses of vaccine provide around 98

By: PTI-05 July 2021

Pregnant women in India now eligible for

By: PTI-03 July 2021

NPPA approves price rise of 50 per cent

By: PTI-03 July 2021

Covid-19: Wrong injection technique coul

By: TNN-03 July 2021

India plans 12 crore COVID vaccine alloc

By: IANS-03 July 2021

WHO chief calls for vaccinating at least

By: PTI-03 July 2021

Novel microscopy method provides look in

By: UT Southwestern Medical Center-02 July 2021

Study ties milder COVID-19 symptoms to p

By: Stanford Medicine-02 July 2021

Africa COVID-19 envoy blasts EU, COVAX o

By: AP-02 July 2021

Zydus seeks nod for world-first plasmid

By: TNN-02 July 2021

Drug regulator DCGI refuses to grant eme

By: PTI-02 July 2021

Lupin gets USFDA nod for HIV drug under

By: PTI-01 July 2021

India believes there is urgent need for

By: PTI-01 July 2021

COVID-19: US-based diaspora organisation

By: PTI-01 July 2021

Infections seen among HIV patients hit C

By: TNN-29 June, 2021

Govt plans nat l stockpile of life-savin

By: TNN-29 June, 2021

New device can accurately distinguish SA

By: PTI-29 June, 2021

Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine prod

By: Reuters-29 June, 2021

Govt allocates additional 2,12,540 vials

By: PTI-29 June, 2021

Indonesia examines use of Sinovac, Pfize

By: IANS-28 June, 2021

CSIR-developed BGR-34 effective in post-

By: IANS-28 June, 2021

Zydus vaccine for kids above 12 years co

By: TNN-28 June, 2021

Serum Institute of India produces over 1

By: PTI-28 June, 2021

Singapore will continue to give mRNA vac

By: PTI-28 June, 2021

US to add heart inflammation warning for

By: AFP-25 June, 2021

Sputnik V is safest among all Covid-19 v

By: ANI-25 June, 2021

Unraveling the origin of Alzheimer disea

By: Case Western Reserve University-25 June, 2021

Novel method to accurately, quickly dete

By: PTI-25 June, 2021

Mankind Pharma inks distribution pact wi

By: PTI-25 June, 2021

Delta variant now reported in 85 countri

By: PTI-24 June, 2021

Delta variant of coronavirus more transm

By: PTI-24 June, 2021

Signs of brain inflammation found in peo

By: PTI-24 June, 2021

Pfizer in final stages of getting approv

By: ANI-24 June, 2021

India likely to have Covid vaccine for c

By: ANI-24 June, 2021

Pfizer in final stages of agreement to s

By: PTI-23 June, 2021

India’s Covid tally tops 3cr, last

By: Amit Bhattacharya, TNN-23 June, 2021

Delta variant ‘greatest threat&rsq

By: PTI-23 June, 2021

US announces to allocate 5.5 cr doses of

By: PTI-23 June, 2021

Authentication technology to prevent cou

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

JV partnership extended for 3 years by C

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

In Uttarakhand: Ayurvedic medical doctor

By: TNN-22 June, 2021

Record 69 lakh COVID vaccine doses admin

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

No scientific evidence of Covid vaccinat

By: PTI-22 June, 2021

Scale up health infra, speed up vaccinat

By: PTI-21 June, 2021

Delta variant ability to evade antibodie

By: Parth Shastri - TNN-21 June, 2021

As crowds swell, AIIMS chief warns of ea

By: Durgesh Nandan Jha - TNN-21 June, 2021

Study evaluates reason behind increased

By: ANI-21 June, 2021

Salt loading can help doctors use cheape

By: Umesh Isalkar - TNN-21 June, 2021

Blocking IL-11 signaling can promote liv

By: Duke-NUS Medical School-19 June, 2021

India should brace for third Covid-19 wa

By: Reuters-18 June, 2021

Delta variant on its way to becoming dom

By: PTI-19 June, 2021

Zydus Cadila likely to seek emergency us

By: PTI-19 June, 2021

Top government officials, leaders from i

By: PTI-19 June, 2021

Russian COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V to be

By: ANI-18 June, 2021

Bharat Biotech, WHO pre-submission meeti

By: ANI-18 June, 2021

Novavax Covid-19 vaccine Covavax to laun

By: ANI-18 June, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna preferred 2nd dose after

By: Associated Press-18 June, 2021

Delta Plus variant of coronavirus found

By: PTI-18 June, 2021

UK trial finds Regeneron anti-viral ther

By: PTI-17 June, 2021

New discovery shows human cells can writ

By: Thomas Jefferson University-17 June, 2021

Sputnik V pilot in final leg: Scaled up

By: PTI-17 June, 2021

Antibody test post-vax not recommended:

By: Umesh Isalkar - TNN-17 June, 2021

India plans USD 6.8 billion program to b

By: Bloomberg-17 June, 2021

Centre to provide over 96,490 Covid vacc

By: PTI-15 June, 2021

Zydus Cadila gets USFDA tentative nod fo

By: PTI-15 June, 2021

Novavax: Large study finds COVID-19 shot

By: Associated Press-15 June, 2021

Single dose of COVID-19 vaccine sufficie

By: PTI-15 June, 2021

AstraZeneca shots should be halted for o

By: Reuters-14 June, 2021

India holds vaccination drive for people

By: Reuters-14 June, 2021

Astronomy meets pathology to identify pr

By: Johns Hopkins Medicine-14 June, 2021

Direct link between malnutrition and dis

By: PTI-14 June, 2021

G7 leaders discuss Wuhan lab leak theory

By: PTI-14 June, 2021

US denying emergency approval to Covaxin

By: PTI-12 June, 2021

No need to panic on need for immediate c

By: PTI-12 June, 2021

Suven Pharma inks non-exclusive licencin

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-12 June, 2021

Thailand books 20 million doses of Pfize

By: Reuters-12 June, 2021

Meril receives nod from ICMR for its ind

By: PTI-11 June, 2021

Unplanned vaccination can promote mutant

By: PTI-11 June, 2021

Mankind Pharma launches drug to treat bl

By: PTI-11 June, 2021

Tatas to buy 51percent in 1MG for USD 2

By: Reeba Zachariah, TNN-11 June, 2021

Covid-19: Moderna seeks US authorization

By: AFP-11 June, 2021

Monoclonal antibody therapy improved par

By: PTI-10 June, 2021

Delta coronavirus variant believed to ha

By: Reuters-10 June, 2021

Govt issues guidelines on COVID in child

By: PTI-10 June, 2021

WTO members to discuss patent waiver for

By: TNN-10 June, 2021

Ocugen pays USD 15 mn upfront to Bharat

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines cut infection r

By: IANS-09 June, 2021

DRDO drug to cost 990/sachet

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-09 June, 2021

New Covid variant with more severity det

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

India strategic ally, needs US help in f

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

Centre to facilitate vaccine supply to s

By: PTI-09 June, 2021

40 lakh per year: US approves first new

By: Deena Beasley,Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters-08 June, 2021

40 lakh per year: US approves first new

By: Deena Beasley,Julie Steenhuysen, Reuters-08 June, 2021

High vaccination rates can help reduce r

By: PTI-08 June, 2021

Vaccination drive: Centre to provide fre

By: PTI-08 June, 2021

China authorises CoronaVac Covid-19 vacc

By: PTI-08 June, 2021

EMA highlights guidance not to use hepar

By: Reuters-08 June, 2021

US to donate 750K Covid vax doses to Tai

By: IANS-07 June, 2021

New study may help explain low oxygen le

By: University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry-07 June, 2021

Dr Reddys recalls 2,980 bottles of chole

By: PTI-07 June, 2021

AIIMS Delhi to start screening children

By: ANI-07 June, 2021

Serum Institute to make 3 types of Covid

By: FE Online-07 June, 2021

B.1.617 variant of SARS-CoV2 drove surge

By: PTI-05 June, 2021

US eager to involve Indian investigators

By: PTI-05 June, 2021

US removes DPA ratings on AstraZeneca, N

By: PTI-05 June, 2021

UK approves Pfizer/BioNTech Covid shot f

By: Reuters-05 June, 2021

Reliance submits proposal for potential

By: PTI-04 June, 2021

Anti-inflammatory drugs may cause weaker

By: PTI-04 June, 2021

India signs deal with domestic vaccine m

By: Reuters-04 June, 2021

Sputnik Light coronavirus vaccine shows

By: ANI-04 June, 2021

Zydus Cadila gets tentative USFDA nod to

By: PTI-04 June, 2021

H10N3 bird flu: So far, low risk of huma

By: Dominique Patton, Reuters-03 June, 2021

IIT MegaLab to manufacture, deliver indi

By: IANS-03 June, 2021

Sun Pharma, Ferring Pharmaceuticals ink

By: PTI-03 June, 2021

Eli Lilly India gets nod for emergency u

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

WHO approves 2nd Chinese vaccine for eme

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

Israel claims likely link between Pfizer

By: Reuters-02 June, 2021

Government approves four firms under PLI

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

Glenmark Pharma launches anti-epileptic

By: PTI-02 June, 2021

Versatile coronavirus antibody may be st

By: Scripps Research Institute-01 June, 2021

AIIMS RDA urge Harsh Vardhan to implemen

By: PTI-01 June, 2021

Price capping waiver to exemption from b

By: PTI-01 June, 2021

Wait six weeks for surgery after Covid,

By: TNN-01 June, 2021

Indore-based Modern Laboratories to manu

By: ANI-01 June, 2021

Monoclonal antibody cocktail unlikely to

By: ANI-31 May, 2021

New tool activates deep brain neurons by

By: Washington University in St. Louis-31 May, 2021

Indian Immunologiclas to start drug subs

By: PTI-31 May, 2021

IIT Hyderabad develops oral amphotericin

By: Hemali Chhapia - TNN-31 May, 2021

Gujarat: Zydus Cadila now plans to test

By: Kalpesh Damor - TNN-31 May, 2021

Singapore has been supporting India in s

By: PTI-29 May, 2021

New twist in coronavirus origin saga: No

By: Associated Press-29 May, 2021

RT-PCR test: NEERI develops simple, fast

By: PTI-29 May, 2021

AstraZeneca drug Tagrisso gets EU nod fo

By: Reuters-29 May, 2021

DRDO anti-Covid drug priced at Rs 990 pe

By: ANI-29 May, 2021

Seeking a pill to cure Covid: drugmakers

By: AFP-28 May, 2021

No adverse effect if second dose of diff

By: PTI-28 May, 2021

Next covid wave may come in November, co

By: PTI-28 May, 2021

Govt, Pfizer working together for earlie

By: PTI-28 May, 2021

BDR Pharma launches the first generic RU

By: ETHealthWorld-28 May, 2021

Countries urge deeper probe of Covid ori

By: AFP-27 May, 2021

UK study finds long-term lung damage aft

By: PTI-27 May, 2021

Our vaccine highly effective on COVID-19

By: PTI-27 May, 2021

Govt looking into securing part of J&

By: PTI-27 May, 2021

Moderna says its Covid-19 vaccine 100 pe

By: ANI-26 May, 2021

Process on to fix formula for MRP of oxy

By: PTI-26 May, 2021

Bharat Biotech expects EUA from WHO for

By: PTI-26 May, 2021

Total Covid vaccine doses administered i

By: PTI-26 May, 2021

Trials for 3rd booster dose of Covaxin a

By: TNN-26 May, 2021

Post COVID complication among children a

By: PTI-25 May, 2021

Black fungus: Experts to study possible

By: PTI-25 April 2021

Glenmark Pharma gets USFDA nod for Icati

By: PTI-25 May, 2021

India - Cadila to produce up to 30 milli

By: Reuters-25 May, 2021

India - Panacea Biotec begins producing

By: Reuters-25 May, 2021

Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine 80 per cent e

By: PTI-24 May, 2021

DDMA asks pharmacies to display availabl

By: PTI-24 May, 2021

Dr Reddy - developing new treatment opti

By: PTI-24 May, 2021

Covid-19: WHO provides over 340 MT of es

By: ANI-24 May, 2021

DRDO develops Covid-19 antibody detectio

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

Record 20.61 lakh COVID tests done in a

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

Ayurvedic medicine touted as miracle cur

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

Pfizer-BioNTech pledge 2 billion doses o

By: Associated Press-22 May, 2021

Natco initiates phase-3 clinical trials

By: PTI-22 May, 2021

US civil rights leader to urge Joe Biden

By: PTI-21 May, 2021

New research optimizes body own immune s

By: University of Minnesota-21 May, 2021

Govt makes RAT key tool to track Covid i

By: Sushmi Dey - TNN-21 May, 2021

Gujarat declares mucormycosis an epidemi

By: TNN-21 May, 2021

Aerosols from Covid-19 infected person c

By: PTI-21 May, 2021

Booster effect even at six months, do no

By: PTI-20 May, 2021

BDR Pharma inks licensing pact with Eli

By: PTI-20 May, 2021

5.86 cr Covid vaccine doses to be provid

By: PTI-20 May, 2021

Black fungus cases rising in Delhi, doct

By: Saloni Bhatia,Gaurav Saini, PTI-20 May, 2021

Scientists slam WHO report, calls for fu

By: ANI-20 May, 2021

States given 6.1 lakh Remdesivir vials,

By: PTI-19 May, 2021

Rare COVID-19 response in children expla

By: Yale University-17 May, 2021

Will examine data of 2-DG drug for addin

By: PTI-18 May, 2021

WHO reminds Serum Institute of its COVAX

By: PTI-19 May, 2021

India - Biological E. to produce Johnson

By: Reuters-19 May, 2021

Miniscule bleeding, clotting events post

By: PTI-18 May, 2021

Very little of 25 percent vax quota for

By: Shankar Raghuraman - TNN-18 May, 2021

Bharat Biotech Karnataka facility will h

By: PTI-18 May, 2021

Proteins that predict future dementia, A

By: Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health-18 May, 2021

China says it will support India, SA pro

By: K J M Varma, PTI-18 May, 2021

Second batch of Russian COVID-19 vaccine

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

Covaxin effectively neutralises all key

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-17 May, 2021

India COVID-19 active caseload decreases

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

Hester in talks with Bharat Biotech for

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

First batch of DRDO anti-Covid drug to b

By: PTI-17 May, 2021

Insufficient data to recommend widesprea

By: PTI-15 May, 2021

DRDO developed 2-DG drug could be game-c

By: PTI-15 May, 2021

Will antibody cocktail help, HC asks Cen

By: Abhinav Garg - TNN-15 May, 2021

Genetek Lifesciences to manufacture Amph

By: PTI-15 May, 2021

Variant first detected in India is forci

By: New York Times-15 May, 2021

Plateauing in daily new Covid cases, sli

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Megalab gets Rs 300-cr seed fund to deve

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Sputnik V could be available in India fr

By: ANI-14 May, 2021

216 cr vaccine doses to be available in

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Covid-19: Peak will come, virus can agai

By: PTI-14 May, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Uttarakhand to import

By: PTI-13 May, 2021

Covid-19: India fastest nation globally

By: PTI-13 May, 2021

Pharmaceutical market reports strong gro

By: ANI-13 May, 2021

Covaxin gets approval for phase II/III t

By: TNN-13 May, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Serum says will raise

By: PTI-13 May, 2021

Dr Reddy - inks licensing pact with Eli

By: PTI-12 May, 2021

BioNTech to build mRNA manufacturing sit

By: Reuters-12 May, 2021

WHO classifies triple-mutant Covid varia

By: Berkeley Lovelace Jr.-12 May, 2021

Covid-19: ICMR liberalises import of tes

By: FE Bureau-12 May, 2021

WHO warns of drug India recommends to fi

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-12 May, 2021

IP waiver will not lead to increased pro

By: PTI-11 May, 2021

Govt relaxes procurement norms for healt

By: PTI-11 May, 2021

WHO says virus strain in India a variant

By: AFP-11 May, 2021

Pfizer Covid shot expanded to US childre

By: AP-11 May, 2021

Novavax combined influenza/COVID-19 vacc

By: Reuters-11 May, 2021

Centre issues advisory on management of

By: PTI-10 May, 2021

Process for eliminating unneeded cells m

By: Massachusetts Institute of Technology-10 May, 2021

Tech transfers, supply of materials must

By: PTI-10 May, 2021

At Rs 700-Rs 1,500, price of Covid vacci

By: Rema Nagarajan - TNN-10 May, 2021

Foreign aid of 6,738 O2 concentrators, 1

By: TNN-10 May, 2021

WHO says rush to hospitals worsens India

By: Elizabeth Melimopoulos and Usaid Siddiqui-08 May, 2021

US govt doing everything it can to help

By: PTI-08 May, 2021

Covid-19: WHO approves emergency use of

By: ANI-08 May, 2021

Dr Reddy - may distribute Sputnik Light

By: Swati Bharadwaj - TNN-08 May, 2021

India to buy medical oxygen from Gulf co

By: Sanjay Dutta - TNN-08 May, 2021

Covid third wave inevitable in India, sa

By: Hannah Ellis-Petersen in Delhi-07 May, 2021

Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increas

By: Washington University School of Medicine-07 May, 2021

Coronavirus: Russia authorises single-do

By: Reuters-07 May, 2021

Department of Space has gone beyond its

By: PTI-07 May, 2021

Covid-19: Canada authorizes Pfizer vacci

By: Associated Press-06 May, 2021

Rational use of steroids for Covid must

By: TNN-06 May, 2021

Health Body Chief On Status Of Covid Var

By: PTI-06 May, 2021

SII to invest Rs 2,400 crore in Britain

By: NAOMI CANTON - TNN-04 May, 2021

India - biggest Serum Vaccine order cove

By: Bloomberg-04 May, 2021

UNICEF sent 3,000 oxygen concentrators t

By: PTI-04 May, 2021

Merck Pharma to sign licensing pacts wit

By: PTI-03 May, 2021

Covid-19: India gets first batch of 1.5

By: FE Bureau-03 May, 2021

Could not predict exact nature of corona

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Tech Mahindra, Reagene to file patent fo

By: PTI-03 May, 2021

ICMR: Covaxin found to be effective agai

By: TNN-03 May, 2021

India records over 66 lakh COVID cases i

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Antiviral drug Clevira repurposed for tr

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

UK finds 2 further strands of Indian var

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Anti-Covid drug Remdesivir to be strictl

By: Staff Writer-01 May, 2021

Novel smell test may help diagnose COVID

By: PTI-01 May, 2021

Bharat Biotech Covaxin found to neutrali

By: DNA WEB TEAM-30 April 2021

BioNTech expects Covid vaccine trial res

By: Reuters-30 April 2021

AYUSH-64 drug useful in treating mild to

By: PTI-30 April 2021

Global community rushes medical supplies

By: PTI-30 April 2021

Centre to direct states to utilise Rs 24

By: Surya Sarathi Ray-30 April 2021

One in four people experience mild syste

By: ANI-29 April 2021

Pfizer - at-home pill to cure Covid in t

By: NAOMI CANTON - TNN-29 April 2021

Covid testing is down by nearly 27 perce

By: TNN-29 April 2021

Serum Institute cuts vaccine price for s

By: PTI-29 April 2021

Covid-19: First consignments of medical

By: PTI-29 April 2021

Sanofi to produce Moderna coronavirus va

By: PTI-28 April 2021

India to receive first batch of Russia C

By: Reuters-28 April 2021

WHO to provide 4,000 oxygen concentrator

By: ANI-28 April 2021

Vital medical supplies reach India as CO

By: Reuters, Rupam Jain, Shilpa Jamkhandikar, Sanjeev Miglani-28 April 2021

Covishield, Covaxin effective against In

By: PTI-28 April 2021

Delayed RT-PCR reports triggering Covid

By: Vivek Singh Chauhan-27 April 2021

From Remdesivir to use of oxygen to vacc

By: SANCHITA DASH-27 April 2021

Oxycon: Amid Covid-19 second wave, IISER

By: FE Online-26 April 2021

Modi Govt asks Serum Institute, Bharat B

By: PTI-27 April 2021

Molnupiravir approval sought to target e

By: E Kumar Sharma-27 April 2021

Throat spray, oral drug for malaria-arth

By: Gurdip Singh, PTI-26 April 2021

Bharat Biotech seeks DCGI nod to extend

By: PTI-26 April 2021

COVID-19: Saudi Arabia to ship 80 metric

By: PTI-26 April 2021

UK to fly out ventilators, oxygen concen

By: PTI-25 April 2021

India must reduce mobility and mixing to

By: Reuters-24 April 2021

Centre installs DRDO-Tata Sons oxygen ge

By: PTI-24 April 2021

Zydus Cadila - Virafin gets emergency us

By: FE Online-24 April 2021

Double and triple mutants of coronavirus

By: PTI-24 April 2021

SARS-CoV genome sequencing to be ramped

By: FE Bureau-24 April 2021

Taking oxygen intermittently does not he

By: PTI-23 April 2021

Undruggable cancer protein becomes drugg

By: Purdue University-23 April 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Centre has not contrac

By: FE Bureau-23 April 2021

COVID-19: CSIR lab develops technology t

By: PTI-23 April 2021

Expert panel to review Meril price exemp

By: Teena Thacker-22 April 2021

Biological E may launch vaccine by Augus

By: Leroy Leo-22 April 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Covaxin shows 78 perce

By: FE Bureau-22 April 2021

As hospitals gasp for Oxygen amid Covid

By: PTI-22 April 2021

Multivitamins, omega-3, probiotics may c

By: PTI-21 April 2021

Sleeping six hours or less linked to hig

By: SARAH TOY, The Wall Street Journal-21 April 2021

COVID: Govt waives import duty on Remdes

By: PTI-21 April 2021

Vaccine ramp-up: Advance of Rs 4,500 cro

By: FE Bureau-21 April 2021

Govt aid will help vaccine production, s

By: FE Bureau-21 April 2021

IOC, BPCL supply oxygen to hospitals

By: Staff Writer-20 April 2021

New CRISPR technology offers unrivaled c

By: University of California - San Francisco-20 April 2021

COVID-19: White House refuses to comment

By: PTI-20 April 2021

Second wave sees rise in oxygen usage, R

By: FE Bureau-20 April 2021

Everyone above 18 can get Covid vaccine

By: FE Bureau-20 April 2021

COVID-19: Scientists identify human gene

By: Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute-19 April 2021

COVID-19: Recommendation of 3rd booster

By: Uzmi Athar, PTI-19 April 2021

Drugmakers slash prices of covid-19 drug

By: Leroy Leo-19 April 2021

Private sector to play vital role in COV

By: PTI-19 April 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Covaxin production to

By: PTI-19 April 2021

1,189 samples have tested Covid positive

By: PTI-17 April 2021

COVID-19: EU has not initiated discussio

By: Staff Writer-17 April 2021

Coronavirus: Delhi govt orders linking o

By: PTI-17 April 2021

Haffkine Biopharma gets nod to produce B

By: FE Bureau-17 April 2021

Zydus Cadila to double remdesivir produc

By: FE Bureau-17 April 2021

Foreign produced COVID-19 vaccines: Deci

By: PTI-16 April 2021

Covid-19: Delhi CM Kejriwal asks officia

By: PTI-16 April 2021

Scientists identify severe asthma specie

By: Lehigh University-16 April 2021

Virus variants inciting India 2nd surge,

By: Neha Arora,Shilpa Jamkhandikar, Reuters-16 April 2021

With unprecedented COVID surge, Delhi su

By: PTI-16 April 2021

Most differences in DNA binding compound

By: NIH/Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development-15 April 2021

Coronavirus: Remdesivir no life-saving d

By: PTI-14 April 2021

Russia says Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccine d

By: AFP-15 April 2021

Serum - new Covid-19 vaccines yet to ge

By: Geeta Nair-15 April 2021

Covid-19: Tika Utsav does not do the tri

By: FE Bureau-15 April 2021

COVID-19 pandemic a long way from over,

By: PTI-14 April 2021

Dr Reddy to start supply of imported Spu

By: Leroy Leo( with inputs from PTI )-14 April 2021

Pfizer to pursue bringing Covid vaccine

By: Agencies-14 April 2021

Co-Win portal can handle vaccination for

By: FE Bureau-14 April 2021

RDIF expects 50 Mn doses a month of Sput

By: PTI-14 April 2021

Companies set to double Remdesivir outpu

By: Rupali Mukherjee-13 April 2021

Vaccinated people better protected again

By: PTI-13 April 2021

DCGI authorises Sputnik V vaccine

By: Leroy Leo-13 April 2021

Tweaked COVID vaccines in testing aim to

By: Associated Press-13 April 2021

Coronavirus Live Updates: Get ready for

By: FE Online-13 April 2021

China considering mixing different COVID

By: Agence France-Presse-12 April 2021

COVID-19 surge: Mutant strains, sluggish

By: PTI-12 April 2021

Govt prohibits exports of remdesivir til

By: PTI-12 April 2021

No fresh COVID-19 case reported in 149 d

By: PTI-10 April 2021

More sunlight linked with lower COVID-19

By: PTI-10 April 2021

As Covid cases rise, Zydus to scale up R

By: FE Bureau-10 April 2021

Single-shot COVID-19 vaccine trial likel

By: Staff Writer-10 April 2021

Autism gene study finds widespread impac

By: PTI-9 April 2021

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine: Philippines t

By: PTI-9 April 2021

European calculations suggest very small

By: PTI-9 April 2021

Serum Institute of India refunds South A

By: PTI-9 April 2021

Indonesia turns to China for more vaccin

By: Reuters-9 April 2021

Karnataka working to develop health infr

By: PTI-8 April 2021

How brain cells repair their DNA reveals

By: Salk Institute-8 April 2021

New method expands the world of small RN

By: University of California - Riverside-8 April 2021

Rare blood clot risk: UK agency says und

By: Associated Press-08 April 2021

Vaccination at workplace allowed from Ap

By: FE Bureau-08 April 2021

Zydus Cadila seeks DCGI nod for use of h

By: PTI-06 April 2021

Covid in Maharashtra: New strains might

By: FE Online-06 April 2021

Coronavirus India Live News: India repor

By: FE Online-06 April 2021

Sputnik V vaccine: Russia says Panacea B

By: Staff Writer-06 April 2021

Understanding itch: New insights at the

By: Brigham and Women Hospital-5 April 2021

Why some cancer drugs may be ineffective

By: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston-05 April 2021

L452R mutant of coronavirus causing conc

By: PTI-05 April 2021

Over 34,000 vaccine doses administered i

By: PTI-05 April 2021

COVID-19 second wave in India may peak b

By: PTI-03 April 2021

Dutch govt temporarily halt AstraZeneca

By: PTI-03 April 2021

3rd phase of Covid 19 vaccination: Over

By: PTI-03 April 2021

Covid-19 waves will recur, treatment opt

By: FE Bureau-03 April 2021

New lung cancer screening recommendation

By: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center-01 April 2021

220 ICU beds to be added in 33 private h

By: PTI-01 April 2021

Those discharged from hospital after Cov

By: ANI-01 April 2021

Vaccine Maitri: Fiji receives 100,000 do

By: Huma Siddiqui-01 April 2021

Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine protect

By: Associated Press-01 April 2021

COVID-19 situation under control in Indi

By: Staff Writer-31 March, 2021

Over 6.24 crore coronavirus vaccine dose

By: PTI-31 March, 2021

Healthcare sector expected to reach USD

By: PTI-31 March, 2021

Covid-19: Maharashtra reports countrys h

By: FE Bureau-31 March, 2021

Coronavirus in India Live Updates: India

By: FE Online-31 March, 2021

AI used in battle against asbestos-linke

By: University of Leicester-30 March, 2021

Coronavirus variants from Brazil, South

By: PTI-30 March, 2021

WHO report says animals likely source of

By: Associated Press-30 March, 2021

Bharat Biotech ropes in its related firm

By: FE Online-30 March, 2021

3D bio-printing technique to benefit dia

By: ANI-30 March, 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine shows 76% efficacy

By: Leroy Leo-27 March, 2021

Combination of AI with X-rays offer fast

By: ANI-27 March, 2021

Govt planning to bring more population g

By: PTI-27 March, 2021

Is Covid-19 second wave in India due to

By: FE Online-27 March, 2021

Trial for second SII Covid vaccine begin

By: FE Bureau-27 March, 2021

Covid-19: Delhi reports 1,254 new cases,

By: PTI-25 March, 2021

India detects a new variant of Covid-19:

By: Staff Writer-25 March, 2021

Haryana to eradicate TB from state by 20

By: Staff Writer-25 March, 2021

Covid-19: Rate of increase in coronaviru

By: PTI-25 March, 2021

India wont expand export of corona vacci

By: PTI-25 March, 2021


By: THE NEW YORK TIMES-24 March, 2021

IISER, UNMC scientists explore Rapamycin

By: Press Trust Of India-24 March, 2021

China Sinovac claims its covid vaccine C

By: AP-24 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine update: SII seeks Govt

By: PTI-24 March, 2021

Covid-19 second wave - Delhi reports ove

By: PTI-24 March, 2021

Nasal spray to fight covid: Two countrie

By: Agencies-23 March, 2021

Over 4.72 crore coronavirus vaccine dose

By: PTI-23 March, 2021

Global coronavirus deaths rise for first

By: Associated Press-23 March, 2021

Coronavirus Lockdown 2021 Live Updates:

By: FE Online-23 March, 2021

Novel coronavirus circulated undetected

By: University of California - San Diego-22 March, 2021

Serum Institute to delay further vaccine

By: Krishna N. Das,Euan Rocha, Reuters-22 March, 2021

Faster spread of some Covid variants cou

By: PTI-22 March, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination timings for unregis

By: PTI-22 March, 2021

6 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses sent to 7

By: PTI-22 March, 2021

First known case of an infant with antib

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Ultrasound has potential to damage novel

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Less than 10 lakh children with Severe A

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Over 3.89 cr COVID-19 vaccine doses admi

By: PTI-19 March, 2021

Plea on Covid vaccination: SC stays suo

By: FE Bureau-19 March, 2021

Non-DNA mechanism is involved in transmi

By: McGill University-18 March, 2021

Covid may become seasonal, UN says

By: AFP-18 March, 2021

WHO vaccine expert calls blood clots ver

By: PTI-18 March, 2021

Cumulative number of COVID vaccine doses

By: PTI-18 March, 2021

Centre says COVID vaccine wastage in Ind

By: PTI-18 March, 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine: EU regulator firmly

By: Reuters-17 March, 2021

Certain HIV Meds May Trigger Weight Gain

By: Alan Mozes HealthDay Reporter-17 March, 2021

Govt places new purchase order with SII

By: PTI-17 March, 2021

Maharashtra at beginning of second COVID

By: PTI-17 March, 2021

Coronavirus Lockdown 2021 Live News: Sec

By: FE Online-17 March, 2021

Belly fat resistant to every-other-day f

By: Associated Press-16 March, 2021

Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) &ndas

By: Dr Kapil Sharma-16 March, 2021

Better covid vaccines are coming, WHO&rs

By: Jason Gale, Bloomberg-16 March, 2021

PM Modi to interact with chief ministers

By: PTI-16 March, 2021

Major European nations suspend use of As

By: Associated Press-16 March, 2021

Cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by g

By: Weill Cornell Medicine-15 March, 2021

New tool to dissect undruggable proteins

By: Harvard University-15 March, 2021

Covishield side-effects: India to review

By: Staff Writer-15 March, 2021

India treading on vaccine diplomacy 58 m

By: FE Online-15 March, 2021

Ireland suspends AstraZeneca vaccine ami

By: Associated Press-15 March, 2021

New discovery explains antihypertensive

By: University of California - Irvine-13 March, 2021

New lung cancer screening recommendation

By: UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center-13 March, 2021

Pfizer, Moderna vaccines may greatly red

By: PTI-13 March, 2021

Current situation right time for Ayurved

By: PTI-13 March, 2021

US to provide financial assistance to In

By: PTI-13 March, 2021

Arthritis drug Tocilizumab may improve s

By: Tech2 News Staff-12 March, 2021

First AI system for contactless monitori

By: University of Washington-12 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine in India update: Covaxi

By: PTI-12 March, 2021

Acceleration in delivering COVID-19 vacc

By: PTI-12 March, 2021

UN chief Antonio Guterres blasts vaccine

By: Associated Press-12 March, 2021

Spike in Covid-19 cases may be related t

By: ANI-10 March, 2021

Britain approves worlds most expensive d

By: Staff Writer-10 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine update: Precisa Medicam

By: FE Online-10 March, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine: 81.59 lakh healthca

By: PTI-10 March, 2021

India records 17,921 new COVID-19 cases,

By: PTI-10 March, 2021

Delhi Budget could make provision for fr

By: FE Online-09 March, 2021

Study of coronavirus variants predicts v

By: Columbia University Irving Medical Center-09 March, 2021

New CAR T-Cell therapy extends remission

By: UT Southwestern Medical Center-09 March, 2021

Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine neutral

By: Reuters-09 March, 2021

IMF’s Gita Gopinath praises India

By: PTI-09 March, 2021

COVID-19: India records 18,599 new cases

By: PTI-08 March, 2021

Coronavirus nearing endemic phase in Del

By: PTI-08 March, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine rollout India’s g

By: PTI-08 March, 2021

People who have undergone sinus surgery

By: ANI-08 March, 2021

Accelerating gains in abdominal fat duri

By: University of Pittsburgh-06 March, 2021

US export curbs can limit COVID-19 vacci

By: PTI-06 March, 2021

World no closer to answer on Covid origi

By: Reuters-06 March, 2021

HC asks Delhi govt to comply with order

By: PTI-06 March, 2021

Nearly 14 lakh inoculated against COVID-

By: PTI-06 March, 2021

IIT Guwahati researchers design AI-based

By: PTI-05 March, 2021

Doses of AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine pi

By: Stacy Meichtry,Bojan Pancevski, The Wall Street Journal-05 March, 2021

India grappling with shortage of ENT spe

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-05 March, 2021

COVID-19: India records 16,838 fresh cas

By: PTI-05 March, 2021

Indian scientists reveal new mutations,

By: PTI-05 March, 2021

Researchers identify cause and potential

By: ANI-04 March, 2021

Clinical trials underway to test jab eff

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-04 March, 2021

As second phase of vaccination gains mom

By: FE Online-04 March, 2021

Covid-19 inoculation drive India update:

By: PTI-04 March, 2021

1 in 4 people in the world will have som

By: PTI-04 March, 2021

Gut health and mood genetically entwined

By: University of Queensland-03 March, 2021

Mutant gene-targeted immunotherapy appro

By: Johns Hopkins Medicine-03 March, 2021

Indias manufacturing base is playing a c

By: Huma Siddiqui-03 March, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination drive India update:

By: FE Online-03 March, 2021

Covid-19: Vaccine manufacturers to meet

By: Prasanta Sahu-03 March, 2021

2nd phase of COVID vaccination drive beg

By: PTI-02 March 2021

Unrealistic and premature to think Covid

By: Associated Press-02 March, 2021

Over 10 lakh citizens registered themsel

By: PTI-02 March, 2021

Bharat Biotech hails PM for taking COVID

By: PTI-02 March, 2021

Chinese hackers target Indian vaccine ma

By: Krishna N. Das-02 March, 2021

Harnessing the power of proteins in our

By: University of Nevada, Las Vegas-01, March 2021

Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds May Help Fight

By: Steven Reinberg-01 March 2021

J & J COVID-19 Vaccine Wins Backing of F

By: Kerry Dooley Young-01 March, 2021

PM Modi takes Covaxin shot at AIIMS as p

By: FE Online-01 March, 2021

India COVID-19 cases surpass 1.11 crore,

By: PTI-01 March, 2021

Study finds vitamin B6 may help keep Cov

By: ANI-27 Feb, 2021

Scientists repair injured spinal cord us

By: Yale University-27 Feb, 2021

US advisers endorse single-shot COVID-19

By: Associated Press-27 Feb, 2021

Hope other countries follow your example

By: PTI-27 Feb, 2021

National Medical Commission will bring g

By: PTI-27 Feb, 2021

India dispatches first batch of six lakh

By: PTI-25 Feb, 2021

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine works well in bi

By: Associated Press-25 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 Variants: EU to launch an incub


Covid Zero A Fantasy, Acceptable Risk A

By: David Leonhardt, THE NEW YORK TIMES-25 Feb, 2021

India warns of worsening COVID-19 situat

By: Krishna N. Das, Neha Arora-25 Feb, 2021

Bharat Biotech to provide efficacy data

By: FE Online-24 Feb, 2021

MTaI urges govt. to include med device w

By: EH News Bureau-24 Feb, 2021

Scientists identify more than 140,000 vi

By: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute-24 Feb, 2021

COVID-19: SARS-CoV-2 mutant strains &nda

By: PTI-24 Feb, 2021

Covid surge in Maharashtra and Kerala: R

By: FE Bureau-24 Feb, 2021

Government integrates non-alcoholic fatt

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-23 Feb, 2021

WHO inks pact with ESIS for no-fault com

By: Leroy Leo-23 Feb, 2021

Kochi firm PNB Vesper Life completes pha

By: PTI-23 Feb, 2021

Worlds Pharmacy India! Bolivia airlifts

By: Huma Siddiqui-13 Feb, 2021

India home to 7,000 coronavirus mutation

By: PTI-23 Feb, 2021

Breathing a new life: India should try b

By: Ashok Patel-22 Feb, 2021

Need to increase pace of COVID-19 vaccin

By: PTI-22 Feb, 2021

Herd immunity difficult to achieve: AIIM

By: PTI-22 Feb, 2021

Covishield: Asked to prioritise for Indi

By: FE Bureau-22 Feb, 2021

Upsurge in daily new COVID-19 cases in K

By: PTI-22 Feb, 2021

Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine trial f

By: Tech2 News Staff-20 Feb, 2021

WHO asks countries to expedite genomic s

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-20 Feb, 2021

Novavax to provide 1.1 billion COVID-19

By: Staff Writer-20 Feb, 2021

COVID-19 in Delhi: 158 new cases, one de

By: PTI-20 Feb, 2021

From February 5-18, COVID positivity rat

By: PTI-20 Feb, 2021

Mutation in spike protein makes coronavi

By: PTI-19 Feb, 2021

Two new COVID-19 mutations found in samp

By: PTI-19 Feb, 2021

India to gift 2,00,000 doses of coronavi

By: ANI-19 Feb, 2021

WHO says more than 11,000 Ebola vaccines

By: Associated Press-19 Feb, 2021

India stands on threshold of vaccinating

By: PTI-19 Feb, 2021

Prediabetes May Harm Your Brain

By: Ernie Mundell and Robert Preidt-18 Feb, 2021

Autopsies May Explain Brain Fog From COV

By: Alan Mozes-18 Feb, 2021

Gene variant inherited from Neanderthals

By: PTI-18 Feb, 2021

90 lakh COVID-19 vaccine doses administe

By: PTI-18 Feb, 2021

When will Covid 19 vaccine become availa

By: Debjit Sinha-18 Feb, 2021

Only 0.0004% required hospitalisation ag

By: Staff Writer-17 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: ICMR testing efficacy of vacci

By: Livemint-17 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: ICMR testing efficacy of vacci

By: FE Bureau-17 Feb, 2021

Govt confirms presence of South African,

By: FE Online-17 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: SII to supply 20 milli

By: Geeta Nair-17 Feb, 2021

Prediabetes may be linked to worse brain

By: University College London-16 Feb, 2021

Commuters are inhaling unacceptably high

By: University of California - Riverside-16 Feb, 2021

Serum will fly out Covishield to Canada

By: PTI-16 Feb, 2021

WHO authorises AstraZeneca’s COVID

By: Associated Press-16 Feb, 2021

AYUSH Ministry, WHO SEARO ink agreement

By: PTI-16 Feb, 2021

Gamechanger drug for treating obesity cu

By: University College London-15 Feb, 2021

How a single gene alteration may have se

By: University of California - San Diego-15 Feb, 2021

Two suspected Ebola cases in Guinea capi

By: Staff Writer-15 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: Virus may never go away but co

By: Associated Press-15 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: India’s daily case count

By: Ishaan Gera-15 Feb, 2021

Indias Biological E aims to produce 60 c

By: Staff Writer-13 Feb, 2021

Panacea Biotec RDIF in advanced talks to

By: Leroy Leo-13 Feb, 2021

Covid virus could have come through froz

By: Agencies-13 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine update: Japan expected

By: Associated Press-13 Feb, 2021

Covishield vaccine being procured by gov

By: PTI-13 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine: Over 73.30 lakh health

By: PTI-12 Feb, 2021

Vaccine Maitri Diplomacy: India gives su

By: Huma Siddiqui-12 Feb, 2021

Britain’s Kent coronavirus variant

By: Reuters-12 Feb, 2021

Biden says there will not be enough COVI

By: Reuters Staff-12 Feb, 2021

Fully vaccinated people will no longer b

By: Reuters-12 Feb, 2021

Wockhardt COVID-19 vaccines supply deal

By: PTI-11 Feb, 2021

Two masks, snug fit reduces COVID-19 spr

By: Manas Mishra-11 Feb, 2021

COVID-19 in India: Less than 5,000 activ

By: PTI-11 Feb, 2021

Coronavirus treatment: Israeli scientist


Covid-19 vaccine India: 68.26 lakh healt

By: PTI-11 Feb, 2021

Govt places orders for 1.45 cr doses of

By: PTI-10 Feb, 2021

Overall COVID-19 seropositivity among he

By: PTI-10 Feb, 2021

WHO wraps up politically-sensitive China

By: Agence France-Presse-10 Feb, 2021



Expert panel to submit report soon on pr

By: PTI-10 Feb, 2021

India achieves 60 lakh COVID-19 vaccinat

By: PTI-09 Feb, 2021

Why Oxford Astrazeneca Covid-19 vaccine

By: FE Online-09 Feb, 2021

Brain changed by caffeine in utero

By: University of Rochester Medical Center-09 Feb, 2021

India records 11,831 new COVID-19 cases,

By: PTI-09 Feb, 2021

More than 58 lakh healthcare, frontline

By: PTI-08 Feb, 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine being tweaked to fig

By: PTI-08 Feb, 2021

AI tools can predict mortality from Covi

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-08 Feb, 2021

Climate change may have driven the emerg

By: University of Cambridge-08 Feb, 2021

COVID-19: India now 3rd topmost country

By: PTI-08 Feb, 2021

Fungi in the gut prime immunity against

By: Weill Cornell Medicine-06 Feb, 2021

Scientists decode how coronavirus mutate

By: PTI-06 Feb, 2021

COVID-19 in Delhi: 154 fresh cases, two

By: PTI-06 Feb, 2021

No permission given for use of vaccine a

By: PTI-06 Feb, 2021

Pfizer drops India vaccine application a

By: Krishna N. Das-06 Feb, 2021

Fecal microbiota transplants help patien

By: NIH/National Cancer Institute-05 Feb, 2021

Changing diets -- not less physical acti

By: Baylor University-05 Feb, 2021

India’s COVID positivity rate dips

By: PTI-05 Feb, 2021

India sent 56 lakh COVID-19 vaccine dose

By: PTI-05 Feb, 2021

Sero survey: A fifth of Indians infected

By: Ishaan Gera-05 Feb, 2021

Coronavirus vaccination drive: 7,365 peo

By: PTI-04 Feb, 2021

India fastest country to reach 4 million

By: PTI-04 Feb, 2021

WHO-led COVAX vaccine scheme agrees new

By: Stephanie Nebehay, Kate Kelland-04 Feb, 2021

Russia Sputnik V vaccine to seek India a

By: Krishna N. Das-04 Feb, 2021

New TB treatment to cut pill intake by t

By: AFP-04 Feb, 2021

Coronavirus vaccination India update: Ov

By: PTI-03 Feb, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine India update: PM-CARES

By: PTI-03 Feb, 2021

Fifth Sero Survey: More than 56% people

By: FE Online-03 Feb, 2021

Hematopoietic stem cell transplants may

By: American Academy of Neurology-03 Feb, 2021

No data generated with Covishield, Covax

By: PTI-03 Feb, 2021

CRISPR technology to cure sickle cell di

By: University of Illinois at Chicago-02 Feb, 2021

Gastrointestinal surgery can be a cure f

By: Kings College London-02 Feb, 2021

Obesity may exacerbate effects of Alzhei

By: PTI-02 Feb, 2021

UK Covid-19 variant present in 82 countr

By: ANI-02 Feb, 2021

Union Budget 2021: PM Atmanirbhar Swasth

By: FE Online-02 Feb, 2021

Here is how the novel coronavirus damage

By: PTI-01 Feb, 2021

New maintenance treatment for acute myel

By: Weill Cornell Medicine-01 Feb, 2021

China says 16 Chinese COVID-19 vaccines

By: K J M Varma-01 Feb, 2021

Covid-19: Serum Institute of India to la

By: Geeta Nair-01 Feb, 2021

India fought COVID-19 pandemic much bett

By: PTI-01 Feb, 2021

Messe Frankfurt India ties up with AMTZ

By: EH News Bureau-30 Jan, 2021

J&J vaccine adds to COVID-19 arm

By: Reuters-30 Jan, 2021

Vaccine Maitri Diplomacy: India fulfils

By: Huma Siddiqui-30 Jan, 2021

Dr Reddys eyes to launch Sputnik V vacci

By: PTI-30 Jan, 2021

Serum seeks regulatory nod for second Co

By: Geeta Nair-30 Jan, 2021

Bahrain takes delivery of AstraZeneca va

By: Reuters-29 Jan, 2021

Davos address: Many more Covid-19 vaccin

By: FE Bureau-29 Jan, 2021

Bharat Biotech, SII approach DCGI for us

By: PTI-29 Jan, 2021

Novavax vaccine seems effective against

By: Associated Press-29 Jan, 2021

Dr. Reddy - India ends study of COVID-19

By: Reuters-28 Jan, 2021

Research Story Tip: Obesity Weakens Hear

By: Newsroom-28 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccine update: Bharat Biotech

By: FE Online-28 Jan, 2021

GSK, PATH, Bharat Biotech sign pact for

By: PTI-28 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination in India: Over 23 l

By: PTI-28 Jan, 2021

World on verge of defeating Covid-19 pan

By: Staff Writer-27 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 vaccination in India: Over 20 l

By: PTI-27 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India active cases drop below

By: PTI-27 Jan, 2021

WHO issues new clinical advice on treati

By: Reuters-27 Jan, 2021

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia to get three mil

By: Reuters-27 Jan, 2021

Research Story Tip: Artificial Enzyme Ma

By: Newsroom-25 Jan, 2021

Tata in talks to launch Moderna COVID-19

By: Reuters-25 Jan, 2021

Immune system of recovered COVID-19 pati

By: PTI-25 Jan, 2021

Vaccinated people may still transmit COV

By: PTI-25 Jan, 2021

COVID-19 vaccination in India till now:

By: PTI-25 Jan, 2021

Immune system mounts a lasting defense a

By: Rockefeller University-23 Jan, 2021

Bird flu in India: Avian Influenza confi

By: Meghna Sen-23 Jan, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine: Bharat Biotech success

By: PTI-23 Jan, 2021

India undertaking contractual supplies

By: PTI-23 Jan, 2021

Over 12.7 lakh healthcare workers rece

By: PTI-23 Jan, 2021

South African coronavirus variant may es

By: PTI-22 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccine in India: Zydus Cadila

By: FE Online-22 Jan, 2021

Bird flu: FSSAI advises consumers not to

By: PTI-22 Jan, 2021

South Africa to pay $5.25 a dose for Ast

By: Reuters-22 Jan, 2021

Exclusive: India to begin commercial vac

By: Reuters-22 Jan, 2021

Ukraine in talks with India on COVID-19

By: Reuters-21 Jan, 2021

India Bharat Biotech seeks emergency use

By: Reuters-21 Jan, 2021

Nasal COVID-19 vaccine will be easy to g

By: PTI-21 Jan, 2021

Bird flue: Over 1,200 bird deaths report

By: PTI-21 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 vaccination in India LIVE: 7.86

By: FE Online-21 Jan, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine: Cambodia joins the

By: FE Online-20 Jan, 2021

‘Once COVID-19 vaccine vial opened

By: PTI-20 Jan, 2021

Bird flu in India update: Avian Influenz

By: FE Online-20 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: Of those vaccinated, 0.18 pc w

By: PTI-20 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records 10,064 new cases

By: PTI-20 Jan, 2021

New evidence of health threat from chemi

By: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute-19 Jan, 2021

India, China set to lead vaccine distrib

By: PTI-19 Jan, 2021

WHO hints at signs of "vaccine nationali

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-19 Jan, 2021

Total COVID-19 recoveries nearly 50 time

By: PTI-19 Jan, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccination in India LIVE: Worl

By: FE Online-19 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccine Update: Brazil health a

By: Associated Press-18 Jan, 2021

Study identifies exposure to common food

By: American Cancer Society-18 Jan, 2021

Bird Flu in India Latest Updates: Confir

By: PTI-18 Jan, 2021

Smokers, vegetarians at lesser risk of c

By: PTI-18 Jan, 2021

2,24,301 beneficiaries given COVID-19 va

By: PTI-18 Jan, 2021

Russian algorithm claims to detect signs

By: Huma Siddiqui-16 Jan, 2021

Nepal approves AstraZeneca COVID-19 vacc

By: Gopal Sharma, Alasdair Pal-16 Jan, 2021

PM launches India's vaccination drive ag

By: PTI-16 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 induced Pneumonia can cause mor

By: FE Online-15 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 Vaccination in India: PMO revea

By: FE Online-15 Jan, 2021

Serum Institute expects WHO emergency ap

By: Reuters-15 Jan, 2021

National Polio immunisation programme re

By: PTI-15 Jan, 2021

Depression, stress can lower efficacy of

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-15 Jan, 2021

All states have got vaccines for the fir

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-14 Jan, 2021

Exclusive: India wants Pfizer to do loca

By: Reuters-14 Jan, 2021

Bolivia signs contract with India Serum

By: Reuters-14 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records 16,946 new cas

By: PTI-14 Jan, 2021

Delays in Genetic Sequencing Slow COVID

By: Ralph Ellis-03 Jan, 2021

India delivers Covid-19 shots to prepare

By: Reuters-03 Jan, 2021

Covid-19 pneumonia causes more damage th

By: ANI-03 Jan, 2021

Covid-19: An FAQ factsheet for Covishiel

By: ANI-03 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records 15,968 new cases

By: PTI-03 Jan, 2021

India's Serum to sell AstraZeneca vacc

By: Mint-12 Jan 2021

Enemy is down but not out, cautions CCMB

By: Financial Express-12 Jan 2021

Russia says 1.5 million vaccinated globa

By: Mint-12 Jan 2021

BeiGene, Novartis partner to develop can

By: Reuters-12 Jan 2021

India gears up for worlds biggest vaccin

By: Reuters-12 Jan 2021

Parliamentary panel on health likely t

By: Mint-11 Jan 2021

Protective immunity against SARS-CoV-2

By: Science Daily-09 Jan 2021

WHO tells rich countries: stop cutting

By: Reutes-09 Jan 2021

PM Modi stated India’s Covid-19

By: Financial Express-09 Jan 2021

China to provide COVID-19 vaccines fre

By: Financial Express-09 Jan 2021

Bird Flu scare in Delhi as unusual mor

By: Mint-09 Jan 2021

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel says vacci

By: Financial Express-08 Jan 2021

National Family Health Survey V: The N

By: Financial Express-08 Jan 2021

Brazilian study says Sinovac COVID-19

By: Mint-08 Jan 2021

South Africa to get 1.5 million vaccin

By: Mint-08 Jan 2021

Bird flu outbreak in four states, Centre

By: Express Web Desk-07 Jan 2021

Delhi COVID-19 vaccination: Vaccine expe

By: PTI-07 Jan 2021

Covid-19 in India: Big positive trends

By: PTI-07 Jan 2021

Russia says Bolivia has registered Sputn

By: Reuters-07 Jan 2021

CureVac strikes COVID-19 vaccine allianc

By: Reuters-07 Jan 2021

New class of antibiotics active against

By: The Wistar Institute-06 Jan, 2021

WHO recommends two doses of Pfizer COVID

By: Reuters-06 Jan, 2021

Serum Institute and Bharat Biotech call

By: Leroy Leo-06 Jan, 2021

Vaccine restricted use considered based

By: PTI-06 Jan, 2021

COVID-19: India records lowest daily cas

By: PTI-06 Jan 2021

Coronavirus vaccine to cost Rs 219-292 t

By: PTI-05 Jan, 2021

Inovio expects to begin late-stage COVID

By: Reuters-05 Jan, 2021

EU drugs agency still undecided on Moder

By: Reuters-05 Jan, 2021

Pediatric use of COVID-19 antibody drugs

By: Nancy Lapid-05 Jan, 2021

India records 16,504 new COVID-19 cases,

By: PTI-05 Jan, 2021

Brazil private clinics seek deal for Ind

By: AFP-04 Jan, 2021

Pivotal moment as Britain set to roll ou

By: Reuters-04 Jan, 2021

India approves AstraZeneca and local COV

By: Reuters-04 Jan, 2021

A great milestone in India scientific ca

By: PTI-04 Jan, 2021

India records less than 20,000 fresh COV

By: PTI-04 Jan, 2021

Different efficacy data for Chinese COVI

By: Reuters-02 Jan, 2021

How IIT-Bombay professors studied coughs

By: PTI-02 Jan, 2021

India drug regulator approves AstraZenec

By: Reuters-02 Jan, 2021

New COVID-19 strain: Total 29 people in

By: PTI-02 Jan, 2021

Exclusive- Drugmakers to hike prices for

By: Reuters-01 Jan, 2021

WHO emergency COVID-19 vaccine listing a

By: Reuters-01 Jan, 2021

Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shows 94 per ce

By: PTI-01 Jan, 2021

Budget 2021: Ayurvedic medication makes

By: Raghwendra Shukla-01 Jan, 2021

India braces for COVID-19 vaccination dr

By: FE Online-01 Jan, 2021

Study reveals single gene ‘invente

By: ANI-31 Dec, 2020

Study sheds light on explanation for lac

By: ANI-31 Dec, 2020

China gives conditional approval to

By: PTI-31 Dec 2020

India will have Covid-19 vaccine withi

By: PTI-31 Dec 2020

COVID: India registers 21,822 new case

By: PTI-31 Dec 2020

New Covid-19 strain in India: 20 returne

By: FE Online-30 Dec, 2020

Health group CEPI to help fund Indian dr

By: Reuters-30 Dec, 2020

Non-judicious use of therapies leads to

By: Leroy Leo-30 Dec, 2020

Regeneron COVID-19 antibody therapy show

By: Reuters-30 Dec, 2020

COVID-19: India records 20,549 fresh cas

By: PTI-30 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 vaccination mock drill in fou

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

Serum Institute of India to make 300 m

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

Efficacy of Oxford jabs at 95% if give

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

UK variant linked to high viral loads,

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

MHA issues fresh COVID-19 guidelines,

By: PTI-29 Dec 2020

The beginning of the end: Europe rolls o

By: Reuters-28 Dec, 2020

Co-Rakshak App- Now a safety training ap

By: FE Bureau-28 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 - Over 20,000 new infections re

By: PTI-28 Dec, 2020

National Task Force recommends enhanced

By: Press Information Bureau-28 Dec, 2020

AstraZeneca vaccine gives 100% protectio

By: AFP-28 Dec, 2020

Antibodies target different part of co

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

Researchers identify potential new class

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

India, get ready for Covid vaccines! M

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

CoronaVac efficacy at 50-90% in Brazilia

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

New strain of coronavirus detected in 8

By: PTI-26 Dec 2020

Aurobindo Pharma signs pact with Covaxx

By: PTI-25 Dec 2020

Chinese Sinovac covid vaccine more tha

By: Newsfeed-25 Dec 2020

Mutated Covid-19 strain’s transm

By: PTI-25 Dec 2020

Zydus Cadila seeks nod to start phase II

By: PTI-25 Dec 2020

Indian Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin has draw

By: Newsfeed-25 Dec 2020

COVID-19 Vaccination- BioNTech confident

By: Reuters-24 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 immunity lasts at least 8 month

By: PTI-24 Dec, 2020

First indigenous vaccine against pneumon

By: PTI-24 Dec, 2020

Covaxin found to be safe, effective in p

By: Leroy Leo-24 Dec, 2020

Moderna expects its COVID-19 vaccine to

By: Reuters-24 Dec, 2020

Russia will jointly produce Sputnik V va

By: PTI-23 Dec, 2020

New Covid-19 strain not detected in samp

By: ANI-23 Dec, 2020

AstraZeneca says its vaccine should be e

By: Reuters-23 Dec, 2020

Supernus drug meets main goal of study i

By: Reuters-23 Dec, 2020

Scientists say UK strain unlikely to aff

By: PTI-23 Dec, 2020

Rare fungal infection with mortality rat

By: DNA webdesk-22 Dec, 2020

Optogenetic method can reveal how gut mi

By: Baylor College of Medicine-22 Dec, 2020

Coronavirus: EU regulator gives conditio

By: Associated Press-22 Dec, 2020

Oxygen level while walking identifies at

By: Reuters-22 Dec, 2020

India records lowest daily coronavirus t

By: Reuters-22 Dec, 2020

Italy has patient with new strain of vir

By: Reuters-21 Dec, 2020

Researchers find how Covid-19 infection

By: ANI-21 Dec, 2020

Qatar approves Pfizer and BioNTech COVID

By: Reuters-21 Dec, 2020

Govt must indemnify vaccine makers again

By: PTI-21 Dec, 2020

Cipla launches rapid antigen detection

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

Researchers develop rapid genomics strat

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

As temperatures drop, coronavirus part

By: Press Release-19 Dec 2020

Covid-19 vaccine delivery to poor coun

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

India says ready to soon start volunta

By: Newsfeed-19 Dec 2020

Covid-19 vaccinations in European Union

By: AFP-18 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 virus enters the brain, researc

By: University of Washington Health Sciences/UW Medicine-18 Dec, 2020

Covid recovery rate in India among highe

By: PTI-18 Dec, 2020

Babies born to COVID-19 mothers have ant

By: Reuters-18 Dec, 2020

With 22,890 fresh cases, India COVID-19

By: PTI-18 dec, 2020

AEFI reporting to be done through Co-WIN

By: Press Information Bureau-17 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 vaccines: India proposed WTO pa

By: Bloomberg-17 Dec, 2020

Covid19- Pfizer to price vaccine at litt

By: Leroy Leo-17 Dec, 2020

India may need to spend $1.8 billion on

By: Reuters-17 Dec, 2020

Novavax enters deal with New Zealand for

By: Reuters-17 Dec, 2020

Obesity impairs immune cell function, ac

By: Harvard Medical School-16 Dec, 2020

High BP in Middle Age Can Harm Your Brai

By: Alan Mozes-16 Dec, 2020

WHO to sift Chinese samples, data in hun

By: AP News-16 Dec, 2020

EU planning to buy 180 million additiona

By: Reuters-16 Dec, 2020

New coronavirus strain spreading in UK h

By: Reuters-16 Dec, 2020

COVID Tied to Rare But Severe Eye Infect

By: Steven Reinberg-15 Dec, 2020

Russia repeats 91.4% efficacy rate in ne

By: Reuters-15 Dec, 2020

Immune system can cause broad damage in

By: Reuters-15 Dec, 2020

WHO says authorities investigating new C

By: Reuters-15 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 Daily new infections dip below

By: PTI-15 Dec, 2020

How kids immune systems can evade COVID

By: Bianca Nogrady-14 Dec, 2020

Covid-19 complications include kidney, l

By: Staff Writer-14 Dec, 2020

Health centre water crisis increasing Co

By: AFP-14 Dec, 2020

Bahrain approves registration for Sinoph

By: Reuters-14 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India rises to 98.5

By: PTI-14 Dec, 2020

Better diabetes treatment: New insulin

By: University of Copenhagen-12 DEc 2020

Indian scientists identify new potential

By: PTI-12 DEC 2020

India readies for 600 million COVID va

By: Reuters-12 Dec 2020

U.S. FDA authorizes Pfizer COVID-19 vacc

By: Reuters-12 Dec 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload rises to 97.

By: PTI-12 Dec 2020

IMA to strike across the nation today

By: TOI-11 Dec 2020

WTO delays decision on waiver on COVID

By: Reuters-11 Dec 2020

Evolution may be to blame for high risk

By: University of California - San Diego-11 Dec 2020

Indian scientists identify new potenti

By: PTI-11 Dec 2020

Not without India. Pharma sector to play

By: Abhirup Roy , Euan Rocha , Krishna N. Das , Reuters-11 Dec 2020

Researchers develop rapid genomics strat

By: Garvan Institute of Medical Research-10 Dec, 2020

CDSCO expert panel seeks more data on co

By: PTI-10 Dec, 2020

Covaxin to be available in the first qua

By: ANI-10 Dec, 2020

UK medicine regulator says people with a

By: Reuters-10 Dec, 2020

India COVID-19 caseload rises to 97.35 l

By: PTI-10 Dec, 2020

Co-WIN Health Ministry develops mobile a

By: PTI-09 Dec, 2020

Novel form of Alzheimer protein found in

By: Washington University School of Medicine-09 Dec, 2020

FDA Pfizer COVID Vaccine Effective After

By: Healthday News-09 Dec, 2020

Detecting Covid19 in less than 5 minutes

By: ANI-09 Dec, 2020

COVID19 Active caseload falls below 4 la

By: PTI-09 Dec, 2020

CRISPR-edited CAR T cells enhance fight

By: University of Pennsylvania-08 Dec, 2020

Some Covid-19 patients face skin problem

By: ANI-08 Dec, 2020

WHO against mandatory Covid-19 vaccines

By: AFP-08 Dec, 2020

Serum likely to supply COVID-19 vaccine

By: Reuters-08 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 Active caseload falls below 4 l

By: PTI-08 Dec, 2020

Sinovac secures $515 million funding to

By: Reuters-07 Dec, 2020

New CDC Quarantine Recommendations for C

By: Healthline-07 Dec, 2020

Midwives May Help Save the Lives of Mill

By: Healthline-07 Dec, 2020

1 Dead, 292 Fall Sick In Andhra Pradesh

By: PTI-07 Dec, 2020

Sputnik V Russia rolls out its COVID-19

By: Euronews-07 Dec, 2020

Researchers determine how the SARS-CoV-2

By: Boston University School of Medicine-05 Dec, 2020

Zydus Cadila gets DGCI nod for phase 3 c

By: Newsfeed-05 Dec 2020

COVID-19: 36,652 new cases take India&

By: Press Release-05 Dec 2020

Kidney ailment leading risk factor for c

By: Newsfeed-05 Dec 2020

India biggest buyer of covid-19 vaccine

By: Newsfeed-05 Dec 2020

Can Some Vaccines Reduce Your Alzheimers

By: Newsfeed-04 Dec 2020

COVID-19 caseload surges to 95.71 lakh,

By: PTI-04 Dec, 2020

Moderna to supply up to 125 million COVI

By: Reuters-04 Dec, 2020

Pfizer says supply chain challenges cont

By: Reuters-04 Dec, 2020

U.S. CDC approves expert panel recommend

By: Reuters-04 Dec, 2020

Lilly to supply 650,000 more doses of CO

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

Russia Vladimir Putin orders mass vaccin

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

Could COVID delirium bring on dementia?

By: Carrie Arnold-03 Dec, 2020

AstraZeneca U.S. COVID-19 vaccine trial

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

India coronavirus infections below 40,00

By: Reuters-03 Dec, 2020

Indian pharma sunrise segment prognosis

By: PTI-02 Dec, 2020

How SARS-CoV-2 reaches the brain

By: Charite - Universitatsmedizin Berlin-02 Dec, 2020

In 20 minutes, you can test yourself f

By: NewsFeed-02 Dec 2020

Entire population may not need to be vac

By: Sushmi Dey-TNN-02 Dec, 2020

AYUSH medicines allowed to Covid patient

By: PTI-02 Dec, 2020

India COVID-19 tally rises to 94.62 lakh

By: PTI-01 Dec, 2020

Serum Institute denies side effects clai

By: Sangeeta Ojha-01 Dec, 2020

COVID-19 drives 40% spike in number of p

By: Press Release-1 Dec 2020

India looking to be self-reliant in de

By: Press Release-1 Dec 2020

Moderna files for U.S. vaccine authori

By: Press Release-1 Dec 2020

Mental health counseling startup, Hope

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Doctors at Fortis Hospital perform com

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Diabetes as a condition can not entire

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Prime Minister Modi reviews vaccine deve

By: VOH News Desk-30 Nov, 2020

Dr Reddy’s to acquire select ant

By: Press Release-30 Nov 2020

Australia invests $4 million for new C

By: Newsfeed-28 Nov 2020

DETAK app by Indonesian scientists det

By: Newsfeed-28 Nov 2020

Korean researchers develop technology

By: Press Release-28 Nov 2020

India to host production of 100 millio

By: Newsfeed-28 Nov 2020

Indian scientists report rare heart di

By: Press Release-28 Nov 2020

Australia to undertake clinical studie

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Govt reviews implementation of Ayushma

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

AstraZeneca partners RSSDI to empower

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Japan’s Takeda makes Nihon Pharm

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Scientists in Israel discover antibody

By: Press Release-27 Nov 2020

Koru Lifescience identifies drug compoun

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

India’s top vaccine producer, Se

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

Indian immunologicals invests INR 150

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

ZNZ Pharma 2 acquires majority stake in

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

Omron leads $65M investment round for

By: Press Release-26 Nov 2020

In a first in India, doctors airlift C

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

GE Healthcare uses AI to assess ETT pl

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

Healthium Medtech launches India&rsquo

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

Japanese scientists detect repetitive

By: Press Release-25 Nov, 2020

Russia's COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V to

By: VOH News Desk-25 Nov, 2020

Initiative to develop tech-driven solu

By: Press Release-24 Nov, 2020

SpiceHealth launches COVID-19 RT-PCR tes

By: Press Release-24 Nov, 2020

Zuellig Pharma expands cold storage wa

By: Newsfeed-24 Nov, 2020

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine shows avera

By: VOH News Desk-24 Nov, 2020

Hester Biosciences Nepal unveils live th

By: Newsfeed-24 Nov, 2020

Orbis Flying Eye Hospital lands in India

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Narayana Health joins TriNetX to drive i

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Sai Life Sciences opens representative o

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Medanta expands e-health outreach in Gur

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

MedTech startup, BrainSightAI gets Dassa

By: VOH News Desk-23 Nov, 2020

Australia invests $22 million to tackle

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

Syngene & Deerfield sign strategic partn

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

3M strengthens efforts to fight Covid-19

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

Pfizer collaborates with LianBio to brin

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

Abbott launches heart valve repair devic

By: Press Release-21 Nov, 2020

iGene inks personalized medicine project

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

Microsoft partners Social Alpha to boost

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

UK-wide study shows antibodies persist f

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

Samsung Biologics announces investment p

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

Roche Pharma launches pan-tumor liquid b

By: Press Release-20 Nov, 2020

HPE eHealth centers provide free Tubercu

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

WHO reports end of 11th Ebola outbreak i

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

Lung cancer cases among non-smokers incr

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

National Epilepsy Day: Aster RV Hospital

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

Eris Lifesciences appoints V Krishnakuma

By: Press Release-19 Nov, 2020

Biological E begins clinical trials of i

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

India to be a part of United Nations bac

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Cipla launches ‘Covi-G’ for

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

AliveCor closes $65 million financing to

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Dr Bishnu Panigrahi joins Fortis Healthc

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Certara opens new office in Shanghai to

By: Press Release-18 Nov, 2020

Gene editing wonder, Metagenomi raises $

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

Lead Pharma partners Roche to develop or

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

Japan based Eisai receives approval for

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

COVID-19: South Korea to produce 150 mil

By: Press Release-17 Nov, 2020

Daiichi Sankyo creates new business unit

By: Press Release-16 Nov, 2020

India reports less than 50K new daily ca

By: Press Release-16 Nov, 2020

LifeCell to provide COVID-19 and pregnan

By: Press Release-16 Nov, 2020

Nanavati Hospital raises public awarenes

By: Newsfeed-16 Nov, 2020

Medtronic launches first integrated smar

By: Newsfeed-16 Nov, 2020

Emcure’s Anaemia-free India outrea

By: Press Release-13 Nov, 2020

Close to 30% Delhiites have no health re

By: Press Release-13 Nov, 2020

Zydus Cadilla completes Phase II trials

By: Press Release-13 Nov, 2020

World’s leading generic drug maker

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Omega Healthcare selects Oracle’s

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Insilico enters into AI-powered drug dis

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Sputnik V vaccine developers vouch for i

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

Anurag Khosla appointed as the new CEO o

By: Press Release-12 Nov, 2020

University of Florida College of Medicin

By: Newsfeed-12 Nov, 2020

Australia invests $2.5M to ensure COVI

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

Merck collaborates with China based Tran

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

SGH, AstraZeneca unveil promising interv

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

Pharmacy chain, Wellness Forever receive

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

Practo witnesses whopping 1200% rise in

By: Press Release-11 Nov, 2020

TataMD CHECK to make COVID-19 detection

By: Press Release-10 Nov, 2020

Metropolis Healthcare wins ‘Diagno

By: Press Release-10 Nov, 2020

Pfizer & BioNTech COVID-19 vacci

By: Press Release-10 Nov, 2020

Trial in Britain to assess aspirin as po

By: Newsfeed-10 Nov, 2020

Bharat Biotech to manufacture 10 types o

By: Newsfeed-09 Nov, 2020

Thermo Fisher to establish new pharma se

By: Press Release-09 Nov, 2020

Experts disagree with Indian Sugar Mills

By: Press Release-09 Nov, 2020

VIT uses bioengineering approach for neu

By: Press Release-09 Nov, 2020

COVID-19: India’s Health Minister

By: Press Release-07 Nov, 2020

Japanese firm develops urethane microfoa

By: Newsfeed-07 Nov, 2020

NPPA observes ‘National Cancer Awa

By: PIB-07 Nov, 2020

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation Unveil

By: Press Release-07 Nov, 2020

Aster Labs Introduces US FDA Approved Di

By: Press Release-06 Nov, 2020

India and Israel to cooperate in the fie

By: PIB-06 Nov, 2020

ResMed #WakeUpToGoodSleep campaign under

By: Newsfeed-06 Nov, 2020

Digital hospitals deliver higher standar

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Taiwan bets big on gene-editing technolo

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Singapore scientists identify undetected

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Australia secures 50 million doses of CO

By: Newsfeed-05 Nov, 2020

Anticholinergic drugs increases risk of

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

Indian govt approves MoU with UK for med

By: PIB-05 Nov, 2020

Olympus announces acquisition of French

By: Press Release-05 Nov, 2020

CEPI funds Sichuan Clover for COVID-19 v

By: Newsfeed-05 Nov, 2020

MedGenome launches tumor mutation burden

By: Press Release-04 Nov, 2020

Taiwan based researcher develops novel s

By: Newsfeed-04 Nov, 2020

Absence of transparency a major bottlene

By: Press Release-04 Nov, 2020

COVID-19: India’s Active Cases hav

By: PIB-04 Nov, 2020

Manipal Hospitals all set to acquire Col

By: Newsfeed-04 Nov, 2020

Zydus announces IND filing of ZYIL1, a n

By: Press Release-03 Nov, 2020

Mr Neeraj Lal joins Medicover Hospitals

By: VOH Team-03 Nov, 2020

Australia reports highest childhood vacc

By: Press Release-03 Nov, 2020

Eli Lilly collaborates with Daiichi Sank

By: Press Release-03 Nov, 2020

Israel begins clinical trials of COVID-1

By: Unedited Newsfeed-03 Nov, 2020

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital relea

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

Homegrown MedTech startup, Inito, clears

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

WHO calls for attention to stroke relate

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

Abbott launches its glucose monitoring t

By: Press Release-02 Nov, 2020

India crosses the landmark of 11 crore C

By: PIB-02 Nov, 2020

COVID-19 Infection Fatality Ratio is Abo

By: Ralph Ellis-2 Nov, 2020

Bharat Biotech plans to launch vaccine c

By: Aakriti Bhalla-2 Nov, 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload crosses 82 lak

By: PTI-2 Nov, 2020

COVID-19 spreads faster, more widely wit

By: PTI-02 Nov, 2020

High number of unreliable rapid antigen

By: PTI-02 Nov, 2020

New polio vaccine poised to get emergenc

By: Aisling Irwin-02 Nov, 2020

Latest on worldwide spread of the corona

By: Reuters-02 Nov, 2020

Antibodies Attack the Body In Some COVID

By: Carolyn Crist-31 Oct, 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload goes past 81 l

By: PTI-31 Oct, 2020

New polio vaccine poised to get emergenc

By: Aisling Irwin-30 Oct, 2020

Lonza to make COVID-19 antibody combinat

By: Reuters Staff-30 Oct, 2020

Study Shows COVID-19 May Cause Brain Agi

By: Carolyn Crist-30 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India climbs to 80,

By: PTI-30 Oct, 2020

Japan's Shionogi readies COVID-19 vaccin

By: Rocky Swift-29 Oct, 2020

Japan's Takeda to import 50 million dose

By: Reuters Staff-29 Oct, 2020

Next crop of COVID-19 vaccine developers

By: Julie Steenhuysen, Caroline Copley-29 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India breaches 80-l

By: PTI-29 Oct, 2020

Some evidence shows children could be Co

By: PTI-28 Oct, 2020

Russia starts making second Covid-19 vac

By: Surajit Dasgupta-28 Oct, 2020

80% of COVID-19 patients in Spanish stud

By: PTI-28 Oct, 2020

Novavax delays U.S. trial of COVID-19 va

By: Reuters-28 Oct, 2020

Sanofi, GSK to supply vaccine doses to W

By: Reuters-28 Oct, 2020

Down Syndrome Increases COVID Death Risk

By: Ralph Ellis-27 Oct, 2020

Italy okays trial of osteoporosis drug t

By: Reuters-27 Oct, 2020

Exposure to air pollution increases Covi

By: ANI-27 Oct, 2020

South Korea begins review of Oxford covi

By: Staff Writer-27 Oct, 2020

After over 3 months, less than 40k COVID

By: PTI-27 Oct, 2020

Moderna Might Seek Government OK for Vac

By: Ralph Ellis-26 Oct, 2020

WHO chief warns against 'vaccine nationa

By: AFP-26 Oct, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine seen effective in e

By: Staff Writer-26 Oct, 2020

Drug found effective in treating covid-1

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-26 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India mount to 79,09,9

By: PTI-26 Oct, 2020

Why COVID outbreaks look set to worsen t

By: Smriti Mallapaty-24 Oct, 2020

Next 3 months will help determine the si

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-24 Oct, 2020

AstraZeneca says Oxford vaccine deal all

By: Reuters-24 Oct, 2020

India needs a sustainable healthcare sys

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-24 Oct, 2020

Serum Institute joins Merck, IAVI to dev

By: Leroy Leo-23 Oct, 2020

US health regulator approves first treat

By: Sangeeta Ojha-23 Oct, 2020

Pfizer seeks clarity on future of trials

By: Reuters-23 Oct, 2020

As COVID-19 cases spike, pneumonia vacci

By: Reuters-24 Oct, 2020

Exclusive: In WHO overhaul push, EU urge

By: Francesco Guarascio, Andreas Rinke-22 Oct, 2020

Japan researchers show masks do block co

By: Rocky Swift-22 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 testing kit COVIRAP by IIT-Khar

By: Staff Writer-22 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 underscored importance of inves

By: PTI-22 Oct, 2020

US health regulator to hold key meeting

By: Agencies-22 Oct, 2020

COVID-19: India records 55,839 new infec

By: PTI-22 Oct, 2020

Novartis to pursue SMA drug branaplam in

By: Reuters Staff-21 Oct,2020

GSK to launch late-stage testing of sync

By: Reuters Staff-21 Oct,2020

Mixed results for arthritis drug repurpo

By: AFP-21 Oct,2020

Pfizer, BioNTech start combined trials o

By: Reuters-20 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus and diabetes: What you need

By: Staff Writer-20 Oct, 2020

India records 46,790 new COVID-19 cases

By: PTI-20 Oct, 2020

50% Indians are likely to have Covid by

By: Reuters-20 Oct, 2020

Living coronavirus found on frozen food

By: PTI-19 Oct, 2020

Getting vaccine doubters to roll up thei

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

AstraZeneca wins two approval recommenda

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

With dip in air quality in Delhi, health

By: ANI-19 Oct, 2020

Global coronavirus cases surpass the 40

By: Reuters-19 Oct, 2020

Pan-India covid-19 genome studies sugges

By: PTI-18 Oct, 2020

Health expert asserts on N95 mask withou

By: Joymala Bagchi , ANI.-18 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus survives on skin five times

By: AFP-18 Oct, 2020

Treat coronavirus early to save patients

By: Jason Gale , Bloomberg-18 Oct, 2020

Long COVID 'May Be Four Syndromes'

By: Peter Russell-17 Oct, 2020

WHO trial to assess other antibody, anti

By: Reuters-17 Oct, 2020

Scientists develop new method to block c

By: PTI-17 Oct, 2020

Sinovac coronavirus vaccine offered by C

By: Reuters-17 Oct, 2020

India's COVID-19 infection tally crosses

By: PTI-17 Oct, 2020

SARS-CoV-2 may use key carbohydrate to i

By: Erin Bryant-16 Oct, 2020

20% Rise In Death Rate Mostly Because of

By: Kathleen Doheny-16 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 Doesn’t Seem Seasonal, St

By: Carolyn Crist-16 Oct, 2020

Can Vitamin D treat coronavirus? UK scie

By: Meghna Sen-16 Oct, 2020

WHO trial results show remdesivir has li

By: Leroy Leo-16 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India rises to 73,7

By: PTI-16 Oct, 2020

A healthy young person might have to wai

By: Staff Writer-15 Oct, 2020

Important that Russia's Covid-19 vaccine

By: ANI-15 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India rises to 72,3

By: PTI-14 Oct, 2020

Aarogya Setu app helped identify coronav

By: Meghna Sen-14 Oct, 2020

World Bank approves $12 billion for covi

By: AFP-14 Oct, 2020

Eli Lilly pauses Covid-19 antibody treat

By: AFP-14 Oct, 2020

New Zealand signs deal with Pfizer, Bi

By: Reuters-12 Oct, 2020

Less than 1000 coronavirus deaths reco

By: PTI-12 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 vaccines under different trial

By: Sangeeta Ojha-12 Oct, 2020

Maintain quality testing for Covid-19 ki

By: ANI-12 Oct, 2020

Maintain quality testing for Covid-19 ki

By: ANI-12 Oct, 2020

COVID research updates: Dense cities sho

By: Anonymous-12 Oct, 2020

Coronavirus risk may go up on exposure t

By: ANI-12 Oct, 2020

UK to begin trials to test if BCG vaccin

By: PTI-12 Oct, 2020

Inhaled vaccines aim to fight coronaviru

By: Bloomberg-12 Oct, 2020

U.S., AstraZeneca strike deal for COVID-

By: Heidi Ledford & Ewen Callaway-10 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 Story Tip: Biomedical Engineers

By: Elizabeth Logsdon, Ph.D., and Warren Grayson, Ph.D./Johns Hopkins Medicine-10 Oct, 2020

India reports 73,272 new coronavirus cas

By: PTI-10 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine: Russia all set to appr

By: Anulekha Ray-10 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 treatment: Regeneron's antibody

By: Mint Agencies-10 Oct, 2020

Gilead's remdesivir shaved five days off

By: Reuters-09 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 treatment: After Lilly, Fosun u

By: Reuters-09 Oct, 2020

COVID + flu nasal spray vaccine set to s

By: Bloomberg-09 Oct, 2020

Moderna to apply for EU's rolling approv

By: Staff Writer-09 Oct, 2020

Virologists who discovered hepatitis C w

By: Ewen Callaway & Heidi Ledford-08 Oct, 2020

Pioneers of revolutionary CRISPR gene ed

By: Heidi Ledford & Ewen Callaway-08 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India cross 68-lakh ma

By: PTI-08 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 treatment: Lilly seeks emergenc

By: Staff Writer-08 Oct, 2020

India declines proposal to test Russia C

By: Reuters-08 Oct, 2020

Asthma patients less likely to die from

By: Reuters-08 Oct, 2020

Government to launch Ayurveda and Yoga p

By: Rhythma Kaul, Hindustan Times New Delhi-07 Oct, 2020

COVID-Linked Syndrome Seen in Kids Found

By: Anonymous-07 Oct, 2020

Single-day spike of 61,267 COVID-19 infe

By: PTI-07 Oct, 2020

HIV treatment has no benefit for hospita

By: Reuters-07 Oct, 2020

Doctors consider anti-cancer drugs as a

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-07 Oct, 2020

CDC issues latest guidance on covid-19 s

By: LiveMint-07 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 to place greater demand on ment

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-07 Oct, 2020

COVID research updates: Massive contact-

By: Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times/Getty-05 Sept,2020

COVID-19 cases in India breach 66-lakh m

By: PTI-05 Oct, 2020

Can cancer drugs prove helpful in treati

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-05 Oct, 2020

Researchers develop new Covid-19 test th

By: PTI-05 Oct, 2020

MHFI and AIIMS doctors launch web portal

By: ANI-05 Oct, 2020

Pandemic, new platforms prompt surge in

By: Anne Steele , The Wall Street Journal-05 Oct, 2020

How long could I be contagious before a

By: AP News-04 Oct, 2020

Single-day COVID-19 cases in India below

By: PTI-04 Oct, 2020

Research Story Tip: Study Finds Obesity

By: Newsroom-04 Oct, 2020

Research Story Tip: Temperature-Sensitiv

By: Newsroom-04 Oct, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India breach 65-lakh m

By: PTI-04 Oct, 2020

Covid-19 vaccines should first go to hea

By: The Wall Street Journal-04 Oct, 2020

Why A Negative Test Doesn't Rule Out COV

By: Brenda Goodman, MA-04 Oct, 2020

Pain relief caused by coronavirus may he

By: PTI-03 Oct, 2020

Dr Reddy's seeks DCGI nod to conduct pha

By: PTI-03 Oct, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine: Canada launches re

By: Reuters-03 Oct, 2020

How long a person could contagious befor

By: AP News-03 Oct, 2020

'Superspreaders' Are Driving the COVID-1

By: Ralph Ellis-03 Oct, 2020

Neanderthal genes linked with severe COV

By: Reuters-02 Oct, 2020

Gene mutation behind difference in COVID

By: PTI-02 Oct, 2020

Startup bets on new coronavirus testing

By: Bloomberg-02 Oct, 2020

Mosquitoes cannot transmit the coronavir

By: Reuters-02 Oct, 2020

India's COVID-19 tally comes close to 64

By: PTI-02 Oct, 2020

The race for COVID-19 vaccine: Why this

By: Bloomberg-02 Oct, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-30 Sept, 2020

India's COVID-19 caseload races past 62

By: PTI-30 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Shows Promise for

By: Brenda Goodman, MA-30 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus may deplete testosterone lev

By: PTI-30 Sept, 2020

Russia to supply 2.5 crore doses of covi

By: Agencies-30 Sept, 2020

Moderna COVID vaccine: Early study shows

By: Reuters-30 Sept, 2020

Tests reveal silent reinfections in hosp

By: Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty-29 Sept, 2020

Can the coronavirus spread through the a

By: AP-29 Sept, 2020

Covid vaccine: Russia may be the first t

By: Polina Nikolskaya , Polina Ivanova , Reuters-29 Sept, 2020

Russia to supply 2.5 crore doses of covi

By: livemint-29 Sept, 2020

COVID tally crosses 60 lakh; 1,039 more

By: PTI-28 Sept, 2020

Covid-19: A cheaper, faster, accurate te

By: ANI-28 Sept, 2020

Phase III trials of Sputnik V critical t

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-28 Sept, 2020

Researchers combine heat and humidity to

By: PTI-26 Sept, 2020

FDA Authorizes Point-of-Care COVID Antib

By: Carolyn Crist-26 Sept, 2020

Novavax initiates late-stage covid-19 va

By: Reuters-26 Sept, 2020

India's COVID vaccine: Phase-3 trial of

By: Staff Writer-26 Sept, 2020

WHO backed China for emergency use of CO

By: PTI-26 Sept, 2020

Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine shows

By: ANI-26 Sept, 2020

Covid vaccine: Pfizer urged to wait for

By: Bloomberg-26 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 May Damage Blood Marrow Immune

By: Carolyn Crist-25 Sept, 2020

How can I tell the difference between th

By: AP News-25 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine: UP govt allows Covaxin

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

Some Covid-19 patients show signs of hea

By: Sarah Toy , The Wall Street Journal-25 Sept, 2020

Can I use a face shield instead of a mas

By: AP News-25 Sept, 2020

Dengue vaccine: Panacea Biotec seeks rev

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

Covid-19: Daily recoveries exceed daily

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 cases in India breach 57-lakh m

By: PTI-25 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 tally in India crosses 56-lakh

By: PTI-24 Sept, 2020

U.S. FDA to tighten coronavirus vaccine

By: Reuters-24 Sept, 2020

Many Metrics to Measure COVID-19, Which

By: Christine Lehmann, MA-24 Sept, 2020

DCGI issues guidelines for pharma giants

By: ANI-23 Sept, 2020

EPA Adds to List of Coronavirus-Fighting

By: Jay Croft-22 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine makers see EU shield

By: Francesco Guarascio-22 Sept, 2020

Flu jab 'more important than ever' this

By: Michelle Roberts-22 Sept, 2020

Tracking COVID-19 with wastewater.

By: David A. Larsen & Krista R. Wigginton-22 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine likely to be ready f

By: Bloomberg-22 Sept, 2020

Influenza vaccine does not increase Covi

By: Reuters-22 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus grows less deadly as doctors

By: Bloomberg-21 Sept, 2020

86,961 new COVID-19 cases in India, tall

By: PTI-21 Sept, 2020

WHO endorses protocol for coronavirus he

By: AFP-21 Sept, 2020

TCS sets up 11 coronavirus isolation cen

By: PTI-21 Sept, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine: AstraZeneca denies

By: Bloomberg-18 Sept, 2020

Government to use immunisation program m

By: Leroy Leo-18 Sept, 2020

Oxford COVID-19 vaccine: Serum Institute

By: Anulekha Ray-19 Sept, 2020

WHO endorses protocol for coronavirus he

By: REUTERS-20 Sept, 2020

When will COVID-19 vaccines be generally

By: Reuters-18 Sept, 2020

COVID Conflicts Are Straining Relationsh

By: Serena Gordon-18 Sept, 2020

COVID Prevention May Mean Record Low Flu

By: Dennis Thompson-18 Sept, 2020

Coffee May Slow Spread of Colon Cancer

By: Alan Mozes-18 Sept, 2020

Rich nations have cornered half of futur

By: AFP-18 Sept, 2020

Oxford covid vaccine: AstraZeneca denies

By: Bloomberg-18 Sept, 2020

Centre approved anti-viral medicines to

By: PTI-17 Sept, 2020

Record 97,894 infections pushes India's

By: PTI-17 Sept, 2020

Can a Parkinson's Drug Treat Macular Deg

By: Serena McNiff-17 Sept, 2020

US emergency approval broadens use of Gi

By: PTI-17 Sept 2020

The poisonous history of chemotherapy

By: Heidi Ledford-16 Sept, 2020

Researchers highlight ‘questionabl

By: Alison Abbott-16 Sept, 2020

The lasting misery of coronavirus long-h

By: Michael Marshall-16 Sept, 2020

Post COVID-19, Lung Function Improves Ov

By: Carolyn Crist-16 Sept, 2020

Stillbirth rate rises dramatically durin

By: Clare Watson-16 Sept, 2020

When will there be a cure for covid? The

By: Michelle Cortez , Bloomberg-15 Sept, 2020

Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Could Be Gi

By: Anonymous-15 Sept, 2020

Scientists relieved as coronavirus vacci

By: David Cyranoski & Smriti Mallapaty-15 Sept, 2020

China coronavirus vaccine may be ready f

By: Reuters-15 Sept, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-15 Sept, 2020

Bill Gates: ‘The next big question

By: Noah Higgins-Dunn & Christina Farr-15 Sept, 2020

Gilead CEO: We’re studying new way

By: Kevin Stankiewicz-15 Sept, 2020

Business leaders push for inclusivity af

By: Sam Shaed-15 Sept, 2020

Scientists publish images of coronavirus

By: PTI-14 Sept, 2020

How pharma companies can still deliver a

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

China starts testing world's first nasal

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

Over 1 lakh health IDs created under Nat

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

Internet searches for symptoms can revea

By: Anonymous-13 Sept, 2020

Oxford covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca mus

By: Anonymous-12 Sept 2020

Oxford-AstraZeneca covid vaccine trials

By: Anonymous-12 Sept 2020

Russia Begins Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccin

By: Ralph Ellis-12 Sept 2020

Coronavirus research updates: Surprise!

By: Anonymous-12 Sept 2020

Scientists Identify New Way to Target So

By: Newsroom-12 Sept 2020

COVID-19 Story Tip: Researchers Expect V

By: Newsroom-12 Sept 2020

Oxford covid-19 vaccine: AstraZeneca m

By: Mint News-10 Sep 2020

Can Plexiglass Stop COVID?

By: Kathleen Doheny-08 Sept 2020

Companies testing vaccines pledge safety

By: Linda A. Johnson-08 Sept 2020

Coronavirus research updates: The immune

By: Nature-09 Sept 2020

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine study pause

By: Lauran Neergaard-09,Sept, 2020

India considering Russia's request for P

By: Surajit Dasgupta-08, Sept, 2020

Trial Tests MMR Vaccine to Help Prevent

By: HealthDay Reporter-04 Sept2 020

India's COVID-19 infection tally crosses

By: PTI-08 Sept, 2020

How to fight the deadly dengue virus? Ma

By: Jon Emont , The Wall Street Journal-08 Sept, 2020

Health-Care Startup Ro Raises $200 Milli

By: John McCormick-08 Sept, 2020

The Latest: Australia OKs funding for tw

By: The Associated Press-08 Sept, 2020

UNICEF to lead global procurement, suppl

By: PTI-08 Sept, 2020

UN: No vaccine to be endorsed before it&

By: AP News-08 Sept, 2020

Transplanted brown-fat-like cells hold p

By: Joslin Diabetes Center-05 Sept, 2020

Russia covid vaccine produces immune res

By: Suzi Ring , Bloomberg-05 Sept, 2020

Covid-19 vaccine developers prepare join

By: Peter Loftus-05 Sept, 2020

COVID-19 Ills No Greater for Those With

By: Robert Preidt-05 Sept, 2020

Asthma May Not Boost Odds of Severe COVI

By: Serena Gordon-05 Sept, 2020

Study Backs Use of Saliva COVID-19 Test

By: Kerry Dooley Young-05 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus research updates: Powerful n

By: Anonymous-05 Sept, 2020

Can COVID-19 Cause Diabetes?

By: Anonymous-04 Sept, 2020

‘CRISPR babies’ are still to

By: Heidi Ledford-04 Sept, 2020

Study: COVID-19 Antibodies May Last 4 Mo

By: WEBMD NEWS BRIEF-04 Sept, 2020

Why A Vaccine Won’t Be a Quick Fix

By: Brenda Goodman, MA-04 Sept, 2020

Tiny Biological Package Gets Drug Right

By: Newsroom-04 Sept, 2020

India's COVID-19 tally crosses 38-lakh m

By: PTI-3 Sept, 2020

Steroids can save lives of critically il

By: Kate Kelland , Reuters-3 Sept, 2020

India will supply coronavirus vaccines t

By: Gayathri Vaidyanathan-03 Sept, 2020

Advisory Group Outlines COVID-19 Vaccine

By: Carolyn Crist-2 Sept, 2020

Covid-19 hit cancer research, funding fo

By: Neetu Chandra Sharma-2 Sept, 2020

Brain Cell Death in ALS, Dementia Tied t

By: Newsroom-2 Sept, 2020

Coronavirus research updates: Even octog

By: Anonymous-2 Sept, 2020

Effective Cancer Immunotherapy Further L

By: Newsroom-2 Sept, 2020

Study reveals immune-system deviations i

By: BRUCE GOLDMAN-2 Sept, 2020

Cancer Cells Take Over Blood Vessels to

By: Newsroom-2 Sept, 2020

Research Story Tip: Motor Learning Proce

By: Newsroom-2 Sept, 2020

GSK, partner Vir join race to find COVID

By: Reuters-1 Sep, 2020

COVID-19 can wipe out health care progre

By: Reuters-1 Sep, 2020

Scientists see downsides to top COVID-19

By: Reuters-1 Sep, 2020

Russia to vaccinate high risk groups aga

By: Reuters-1 Sep, 2020

Explainer: How common cold viruses are b

By: Reuters-1 Sep, 2020

Why deforestation and extinctions make p

By: Jeff Tollefson-1 Sep, 2020

What you need to know about the coronavi

By: Reuters-1 Sep, 2020

Antibody therapies could be a bridge to

By: Heidi Ledford-1 Sep, 2020

FDA commissioner says willing to fast-tr

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2020

Mutated coronavirus strain found in Indo

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2020

Research Story Tip: Addition by Division

By: Reuters-18 Aug, 2020

Fad or future? Telehealth expansion eyed

By: Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar-30 Aug, 2020

India sets global record with single-day

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2020

Global coronavirus cases surpass 25 mill

By: Reuters-30 Aug, 2020

Exclusive: WHO sweetens terms to join st

By: Reuters-29 Aug, 2020

Moderna in talks with Japan to supply 40

By: Reuters-29 Aug, 2020

The coronavirus is most deadly if you ar

By: Smriti Mallapaty-29 Aug, 2020

Got Fatigue? Study Further Pinpoints Bra

By: Newsroom-29 Aug, 2020

J&J to start mid-stage coronavir

By: Reuters-29 Aug, 2020

Latest on the worldwide spread of corona

By: Reuters-29 Aug, 2020

New reckoning for WHO vaccine plan as go

By: Reuters-29 Aug, 2020

How India's Silicon Valley saw its COVID

By: Sachin Ravikumar, Derek Francis, Nivedita Bhattacharjee-26 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus research updates: Sex differ

By: Reuters-26 Aug, 2020

From ACTH to DNA: the rise of acronyms i

By: Giorgia Guglielmi-21 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 Story Tip: Patient Previously D

By: Reuters-25 Aug, 2020

Why IIT Alumni Council withdraws from de

By: Anulekha Ray-24 Aug, 2020

Russia In Touch With India To Manufactur

By: All India | ANI-26 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 lockdowns blocked flu in some p

By: Andrew Meldrum, Mogomotsi Magome and Lauran Neergaard-26 Aug, 2020

Cambridge university aims for autumn tri

By: LONDON (Reuters)-26 Aug, 2020

Treating Wet Age-Related Macular Degener

By: Dr. Eric Nudleman-25 Aug, 2020

Scientists decode how lungs are damaged

By: PTI-25 Aug, 2020

Serum Institute clarifies on report of c

By: LiveMint-25 Aug, 2020

Takeda to sell Japan consumer health uni

By: Junko Fujita-25 Aug, 2020

Survey finds most Britons reject COVID-1

By: Reuters-25 Aug, 2020

U.S. FDA authorizes use of blood plasma

By: Nandita Bose, Aram Roston-25 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus Updates: Manohar Lal Khattar

By: FP Staff-25 Aug, 2020

Study Adds to Evidence That Odor-Sensing

By: Newsroom-24 Aug, 2020

Covid-19 vaccine update: Pfizer, BioNTec

By: FE Online-24 Aug, 2020

Covid-19 vaccine update: Cuba, N Korea,

By: FE Online-24 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 recovery rate reaches 74.69 per

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 caseload in India crosses 30-la

By: PTI-24 Aug, 2020

Factbox: Latest on the worldwide spread

By: Reuters-24 Aug, 2020

India crosses crucial milestone of testi

By: PTI-23 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 diagnostic test: Saliva-based t

By: FE Online-23 Aug, 2020

COVID-19: India adds nearly 70,000 cases

By: FE Online-23 Aug, 2020

Novartis immuno-oncology drug candidate

By: Reuters-23 Aug, 2020

US FDA-approved ointment found to treat,

By: PTI-23 Aug, 2020

Trump says without proof that FDA 'deep

By: Reuters-23 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus Updates: Maharashtra reports

By: FP Staff-21 Aug, 2020

Russia's 'Sputnik V' COVID-19 vaccine to

By: Reuters-21 Aug, 2020

Asia Today: India has record high of 69,

By: AP-21 Aug, 2020

Endless first wave: how Indonesia failed

By: Reuters-21 Aug, 2020

Diagnostics firms eye consolidation

By: livemint-21 Aug, 2020

Accuracy Problems with Widely Used Coron

By: Associated Press-21 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus is Not Ready to Budge, So Wh

By: N C Satpathy-20 Aug, 2020

What Is Digital Health ID? Here’s

By: Jagmeet Singh-20 Aug, 2020

How Much Vitamin C Is Too Much Vitamin C

By: Rupali Dutta-20 Aug, 2020

One in four Indians could have been infe

By: Savio Shetty-20 Aug, 2020

Roche, Regeneron link up on COVID-19 ant

By: Reuters-19 Aug, 2020

Explainer: World Health Organization's s

By: Reuters-19 Aug, 2020

Australia hails vaccine deal as virus su

By: Reuters-19 Aug, 2020

COVID-19: Govt to review guidelines to s

By: FE Online-19 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus vaccine update: India begins

By: FE Online-19 Aug, 2020

Immune response after mild COVID-19 is p

By: Reuters-19 Aug, 2020

Recovered cases 2.93 times the number of

By: livemint-19 Aug, 2020

Study links COVID-19 to rise in childhoo

By: Reuters-19 Aug, 2020

WHO blasts 'vaccine nationalism' in last

By: Reuters-19 Aug, 2020

Novavax begins mid-stage study of COVID-

By: Reuters-18 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine: Do vaccines need to be

By: FE Online-18 Aug, 2020

Russia to roll out vaccine by end of Aug

By: Financial Express-18 Aug, 2020

Testing of CanSino's COVID-19 candidate

By: Reuters-18 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 warriors will be first to get v

By: PTI-18 Aug, 2020

Covid-19, Cold, Flu or Allergy: Know the

By: HT?Correspondent Hindustan Times-17 Aug, 2020

Eat Right, Smile Bright - Acidic Food an

By: FP Studio-17 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus Updates: Karnataka reports 7

By: FP Staff-17 Aug, 2020

Health ID pilot programme to start with

By: FE Online-17 Aug, 2020

Mexico needs 200 million COVID-19 vaccin

By: Reuters-17 Aug, 2020

Factbox: Latest on worldwide coronavirus

By: Reuters-17 Aug, 2020

The Latest: S. Korea reports largest vir

By: The Associated Press-16 Aug, 2020

PM Modi announces launch of National Dig

By: By EH News Bureau-16 Aug, 2020

Russian doctors wary of rapidly approved

By: Reuters-16 Aug, 2020

Need to wage war against NCDs, not just

By: By EH News Bureau-16 Aug, 2020

COVID-19 during pregnancy shows no affec

By: Dr. Liji Thomas-15 Aug, 2020

Has Delhi flattened COVID-19 curve? Wide

By: Aug, 2020

Acupuncture may help with inflammation a

By: Myupchar-15 Aug, 2020

PM Modi to launch National Digital Healt

By: ET Bureau-15 Aug, 2020

WHO says food safe from coronavirus

By: AFP-15 Aug, 2020

Why flu vaccines do not protect people f

By: Aug, 2020

Amid Covid-19 fear, Delhi hospital condu

By: ANI-14 Aug, 2020

A new way to monitor skin cancer: Scient

By: Myupchar-14 Aug, 2020

Covid-19: Human trials of Oxford vaccine

By: FE Online-14 Aug, 2020

Coronavirus India Live: Recovery rate in

By: FE Online-14 Aug, 2020

Zydus Cadila launches Indias cheapest re

By: FE Bureau-14 Aug, 2020

NHA governing board gives nod to the int

By: PTI-14 Aug, 2020

ePharmacies to tap approx 70 million Ind

By: EH News Bureau-14 Aug, 2020

Novavax Reports Encouraging Vaccine Resu

By: Carolyn Crist-05 Aug, 2020

"Patients From Outside": Delhi Health Mi

By: DelhiPress Trust of India-09 Aug, 2020

Billion Covid Vaccine Doses Could Be Ava

By: WorldReuters-06 Aug, 2020

New drug RLF-100 shows dramatic recovery

By: PTI-06 Aug, 2020

Biz of this immunity food not in the bes

By: Mayilvaganan-06 Aug, 2020

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