Liver Transplant Training Gets Boost with New Book Launch

Comprehensive and curated by specialists, ‘Textbook of Liver Transplantation’ promises to usher a new generation of professionals and trainees reboot their careers in hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgery. 

Dr Chirag Desai book launch of Textbook of Liver Transplantation

5th September’22: Dr. Chirag Desai launched the 1st edition of “Textbook of Liver Transplantation”, a book dedicated to all organ donors and their families. The launch happened in a grand ceremony attended by leading specialist doctors and Who’s-Who of Ahmedabad. Amongst notables and dignitaries present were world-renowned liver transplant surgeon Prof Mohamed Rela(Chief Guest) and Mr. Geet Sethi (Guest of honour).

Hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgery has emerged as an urgent subspecialty within GI and abdominal surgery, attracting an increasing number of surgical trainees to this in-demand field globally. The trend has also spawned a plethora of courses, training programs and fellowships. The development has, parallelly, brought to light the paucity of quality educational resources like textbooks that offer a holistic coverage of all aspects of liver transplantation. Currently, students and trainees are making do with scattered and unreliable sources like the internet.

Book Launch

This is precisely the lacuna “Textbook of Liver Transplantation” aims to fill. Assembling a diverse group of regional and international expert authors – each an expert in his or her field with significant contributions in the subject – the book deals with in depth description of every aspect of liver transplantation. 

Addressing the media on the milestone, Dr. Chirag Desai, main editor of the book, said, “With focused guidance structured in a templated, easy-to-consult format, the chapters of this book follow an easily readable pattern and are filled with high-quality illustrations. The section on surgical techniques has high-resolution multi-colour images, lending an ‘Atlas of Surgery’ kind of look.

Textbook of Liver Transplantation

“The breadth and depth of knowledge provided by this textbook will be of value to all specialists and trainees working in this wide multi-disciplinary field who require an easily accessible and authoritative guide to the basics and intricacies of liver transplantation. Many training departments and associations will adopt this textbook as an official book for their trainees”, said Prof Emeritus Dr. J R Desai.

Prof Mohamed Rela said that this book is the need of an hour and was a herculean task which was accomplished in a very short time with an extraordinary world-class end product useful to everyone involved in the care of Liver patients.

Mr. Geet Sethi also addressed the audience and emphasized the importance of dedication and hard work in order to succeed. 

Wishing Dr. Chirag Desai and the book a grand success, Mr. Neeraj Lal, COO of Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad, said that this is the 1st of its kind book in the world and has contributions from 150 authors from 8 countries. 
Mr. Divyesh Kothari from Paras medical book publisher said that this book is a class apart and the quality is at par with the best international standards.

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