MOKSHA - The mask that breathes

The Honourable Minister of Health of Delhi Shri Satyender Jain held a virtual meeting with Dr Suresh Kumar, Director of LNJP Hospital and Dr B N Sherjwal, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital in the presence of many senior doctors of the 2 hospitals. He introduced the Moksha mask - an innovative battery-operated Made in India mask. He said,” The mask has 2 fans with N95 filters – 1 for inhalation and the other for exhalation making it easier for the user to breathe”. He requested the doctors to try out this innovative mask and give him their feedback.

The makers of Moksha mask explained that the N95 filter on the inhalation side prevents pollutants and pathogens from entering and another N95 filter used on the exhalation side prevents an asymptomatic or affected person from spreading the disease.

Piyus Agarwal, inventor of Moksha Masks said “A normal mask is uncomfortable to use continuously due to difficulty in breathing and accumulation of CO2 inside the mask. Users inadvertently keep pulling the mask under the nose/ chin or lifting it to let in air. Continuously high AQI levels in the city have necessitated the wearing of the mask at all times apart from the mandatory requirement due to COVID.  One can avoid COVID with physical distancing but there is no getting away from polluted air even inside houses.” 

The manufacturer distributed 250 masks Free of Cost to the doctors, nurses and other staff members of the 2 hospitals. Vijay Narayan Singh, Business head, Moksha masks said that the free distribution was made possible by CAWACH. CAWACH is a scheme launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote innovative projects to wage war against COVID.

 Mr Gopal Mohan, Adviser to the Chief Minister asked the doctors for a feedback so that further action could be taken by the Government in case the doctors found the mask to be useful and comfortable.


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